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30.01.2014 NEWS

Astrid Myntekær: In case we don't die, 2011, 100 x 75 cm, LED strips, fresnel lenses.

Another year of polemic depths at Overgaden

Overgaden has send out their program for 2014 and beside an exciting line-up of exhibitions, the program also includes series of talks, debates and lectures, welcoming everyone in for a critical discussion about contemporary art

AF Maria Bordorff

The exhibitions taking place at Overgaden this year will spread over a wide field of contemporary art's expressions; from virtual reality over more classical painting to total installation, emerging and renowned artists will unfold their artistic gestures at Overgaden's two floors.

Troels Sandegård, Naja Maria Lundstrøm
January 18 – March 16
Currently, two solo shows with respectively Troels Sandegård (1979) and Naja Maria Lundstrøm (1981) are running. Troels Sandegård explores with his show Bodies and Bodies the interaction between the human body, the laws of science, and everyday materials like plastic, salt and glass. His exhibition at Overgaden is part of the artist's ongoing investigation of the physical processes in our surroundings, and the quest for meaning and coherence in the material details of everyday life.
With Naja Maria Lundstrøm's first major solo show Well it's not going to lift itself on the upper floor, Overgaden is, satirically, turned into a gym and the current and omnipresent health debates put into question. Everyone visiting is welcome to use the facilities free of charge, and Naja Maria Lundstrøm thereby also challenges the conventional role of an art institution.

Jacob Tækker, Astrid Myntekær
March 28 – May 20
From the end of March other two solo shows will occupy Overgaden. Jacob Tækker (1977) will with his Apophenia Cloud Travel Apparatus – a show consisting of computer-based works that combine video, performance and installation, transform the space at Overgaden into a framework for a projected surreal landscape that changes meaning, look and feel depending on from where you see it. The absurdity of existence and the loss of control are recurring themes in the work of Jacob Tækker.
Orgone is the title of the solo show of Astrid Myntekær (1985) where she will present a new installation that focuses on human perception through phenomena such as energy, radiation, electricity and magnetism. Astrid Myntekær will build up a scenography of light and copper with series of objects inspired by meditation, and explore the relationship between sensory perception and psyche.

Alexander Tovborg, Marie Søndergaard Lolk & Rasmus Rosengaard
June 7 – August 10
The summer shows at Overgaden will be a solo show by Alexander Tovborg (1983), who is currently exhibiting at Rolf and Olga Nowotny's new place Fauna, and a joint exhibition by Marie Søndergaard Lolk (1981) and Rasmus Rosengaard (1979)

The autumn and winter programs offer solo shows by Model Court, Christian Vind and Yvette Brackman. It's also during the autumn that the so-called Overgaden Lectures, which were held for the first time last year, will be running. Overgaden Lectures is a series of international conferences which critically go in-depth with a current phenomenon on the international art scene.
In 2014 the focus will be on art and science and the interaction therebetween.

For more information about the exhibitions and events at Overgaden, check their calender here

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