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20.01.2014 NEWS

Julie Nord: Installation view, 2013. Foto: KUNSTEN.

An extraordinary gift for KUNSTEN in Aalborg

Ny Carlsbergfondet has donated 33 black and white drawings by Julie Nord to KUNSTEN in Aalborg

AF Maria Bordorff

KUNSTEN already owns one of Julie Nord's major works, "Fever", and can now add 33 of her black and white drawings to the collection as well. The drawings are part of the acclaimed exhibition "Just Like Home", which, in short, deals with family life's little secrets.

The gift from Ny Carlsbergfondet is an extension of the museum's already widely ranging collection of surrealist art - and a fresh update as well, as the works of Julie Nord can be said to be one of contemporary art's suggestions of new Danish Surrealism.

Thus, it's therefore good news that Ny Carlsbergfondet has chosen to donate a selection of Julie Nord's drawings - not only for the museum - but certainly also for its visitors.

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