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17.01.2014 NEWS

John Kørner, Press Photo, 2013. Foto: Christian Als.

New outdoor museum of contemporary art in Holbæk this summer

On initiative of the citizens in Holbæk, a scene of contemporary art in the city will be realised - with very high ambitions indeed - and it will be named Holbæk Art

AF Maria Bordorff

The Danish artist, John Kørner, has been chosen as the first curator on the project. He has composed a line-up of acclaimed Danish artists for the first major exhibition taking place in August. The art works will be shown directly on the city's facades and thus be accessible to all - 24 hours a day.

John Kørner himself supports the idea of an open art museum, as it can generate a socially oriented experience between public art and the audience.

Henrik Møller, the initiativ taker of the project, tells that among the citizens in Holbæk, there has been a desire for a recurring cultural event in the city. An event that can renew the city and give it a more colorful life.

With the coming art exhibitions on the city's facades, Holbæk is not only going to be more colorful - literally - but also probably quite attractive to visit for outsiders. The list of exhibiting artists this summer namely includes, beside Kørner himself, highly prominent names such as, among others, Kaspar Bonnen, Alexander Tovborg, Cathrine Raben Davidsen and Malene Landgreen.

The plan is that the city every two years will let its walls decorate by a new exhibition, organized by a new curator, who will select both Danish and international contemporary artists.

Holbæk municipality supports the project and appreciates that the local forces has initiated an art project of this magnitude.

Holbæk Art will be running its first edition from the 24th to 30th of August 2014
For more information, see the facebook site Holbæk Art

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