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08.12.2013 NEW BOOK

13 - Copenhagen Schools of Visual Arts Yearbook

With its 69,803 words and 338 pictures spread over 240 pages, 13 embraces the activities of the schools of visual arts. The aim of the yearbook is to give the reader a sense of what it means to explore and extend the framework of visual art, to develop a personal language, and to work professionally with art.

AF Simon McNair


Mikkel Bogh sees the world as a mystery, Jacob Fabricius considers space as something other than four walls, Jan Bäcklund engages in art history for artists, Henriette Heise wipes the board clean, Lisa Rosenmeier talks about it all to Mai Misfeldt, Anja Lindholm sums up the year’s exhibitions in the garage, Solvej Helweg Ovesen reports on the visualization of human rights, Amalie Smith finds bodies at the bottom of the sea, and Rune Söchting writes about listening as action. Insight, too, into the work of the seven professorial Schools with films that become drawings, journeys to Berlin, New York, Uzbekistan and Venice, a visit from Franco 'Bifo' Berardi, an exhibition that challenges Søren Kierkegaard, a research project on liquid metaphors in the description of the global economy, collaborations with colleagues in Leipzig and poets in Portugal, a workshop at a run-down pottery factory in England, and many other good things.

Book launch and mulled wine at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg Thursday 12 December 5-7pm, just before the opening of the major SUPERLFEX retrospective. Buy the book at the launch for the reduced price of DKK 100.

Edited by rector Mikkel Bogh and art historian Line Rosenvinge, design by Anni's, sold at MOTTO and select book sales, see the yearbook from 2012 here 

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