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18.04.2014 INSIGHT

Maja Malou Lyse and Arvida Bystöm

Like 2 B Liked - Maja Malou Lyse & Arvida Byström in conversation

When growing up in 00s it might seem as if everything has changed with the internet and that nothing has changed at all; society still being male dominated.

Artists Arvida Byström (who runs Gal Space Gallery in London) and Maja Malou Lyse (student at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen) are prominent figures with in the post-internet cyberfeminism scene. A scene with young girls that actively reclaim and decode images in order to free spaces from its suppressing structures.

The exhibition Like at Udstillingsstedet Q is fragments from the online cloud reorganized in a physical space. It can be seen as a total installation where the freedom from the virtual are applied with in material constrains.

Here is a rare chance to witness a Facebook conversation between the two curators.

AF Rune Finseth

Peder Skrams gade 2, 1050 København
Patricia Alvarado, Gabby Bess, Cristine Brache, Arvida Bystöm, Jennifer Chan, Anna Crews, Petra Collins, Rosemary Kirton, Mikkeline Sofie Larsson, Maja Malou Lyse, Jillian Mayer, Molly Soda, Camgirlsproject/Vanessa Omoregie, Amalia Ulman 
Curated by Arvida Byström and Maja Malou Lyse
Opening 18.04.2013 18-22
18.04.2014 - 21.04.2014
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Maja Malou Lyse
Hi baby, So.. our show is called ‘Like’ and we have talked a lot about the verb 'to like'. Why do you like me? 

Arvida Byström
well i can tell u i like that u are sitting across the table from me and dancing right now.

Arvida Byström
ok lets talk about our relation. we met 1 night in cph like 5 years ago, right? and before living together in london, we didn't see each other for like 3 years due to living in different countries etc AND you didn't have facebook! i was like, is she just cooler than me? why didn't u have facebook!

Maja Malou Lyse
well let me just say that u were one of the main reasons why I got facebook! lol I remember after the night we met we were writing long emails to each other (lol we should look for them) and u were writing like requesting me to get FB in every email u sent. so yeah, idk I guess I cant brag about being a dedicated net girl my whole life. I remember I had this anti- facebook thing going on. ya kno, trying to be cool.. today I know better ofc

Maja Malou Lyse
But thats one of the reasons why i love the internet. I mean, if it wasn't because of social media, we prob wouldn't be sitting here today :')
tru cyber love story

Arvida Byström
ikr! wifi for life <3 also, that kind of stubborn side though about making things feel coherent idk. anyways in my head this is somewhat the same thing. so w loads of artists dat i admire, u being one of these, is when one manage to during a period of time make an extremely coherent body of work. like in relationship to me being all over the place w my projects. i know we talked a bit about for example booth bitch being a persona, but to me pretty much all of ur work has this kind of coherent persona presentation, kind of way more coherent than any existing person. i just want to ask u, in admiration: how do you make this work?

Maja Malou Lyse
Yeah been thinking a lot about that lately. I mean, my net based praxis has changed a lot since I started at the royal academy of fine arts in Copenhagen. A lot of my persona (ex boothbitch) work was made when I lived in London last year. I guess being isolated from ones usual (IRL) surroundings makes it easier. I just really think the Internet as a way of channeling personal and artistic expression is amazing. Boothbitch.me has been closed down for a while now, so to anwser ur Q: I guess I dont always make this work! But I hope to change that soon (uhh teaser yo)

Anyways, something I think is super interesting is that my non-online-presence has affected self image slightly. I realised that alot of my lust for recognition got satisfied through using my body and voice as a tool through social media.

Meaning, 'to be liked' has also become such a big part of our culture and can contain a somewhat importance. The number of likes and viral feed-back calculates our social value. We exchange recognition all the time.

Arvida Byström
yeah. when it comes to internet being a great channel for creativity, obvi not for everyone. but for me it's been _just_amazing_ because i can’t imagine myself ever showing my stuff to n y 1 wihtout internet u know.
when i started doing photography i was so like scared of doing things wrong that i almost only dared to shoot myself. and like yeah id still blush if someone is in the same room talking about my creative practice.

talkin about it; internet.
we talked about dis the other day! how and when did u get into tumblr? and also tell me about the first tumblr babe u found and what u can recall catching ur eye about it?

Maja Malou Lyse
Yes indeed, like the internet is also powerful in the way that it allows so much interaction and feedback, which for some I guess allows great amounts of progression when it comes to ex. exploring artistic expression. I feel the same, like I can't imagine myself not posting everything I do online.. the past few things I've done arnt online yet and yeah, it feels so weird in the way that its almost like it doesn't exist until its available online ya kno' lol

Maja Malou Lyse
And yes! I remember very clearly stumbling across Grace Miceli's tumblr and online gallery actually. I dont even remember when, prob like 3 years ago now. I remember not being sure whether I wanted to be, kiss or know this person haha! Its funny to think of cus now Grace is one of my fellow girlies *Shout out to Grace*

And yeah, I remember looking a lot at Molly Soda too cuz yeah, I really find it intriguing when people just put themselves out there. I love looking at selfies and all that!

Maja Malou Lyse
Ohhh and also Slutever and Sugartits. Omg loved them so much (still do obvz!)
You got into the whole Tumblr thing a bit before me. So, have you always been a net girl? Like I remember when I was real young I had a profile on a youth forum kinda like facebook (where I met my first bf actually lol aww) 

Arvida Byström
yeah what doesn't come up when u get search engined online doesn't exist right. though i started to do loads of things i never post online since my photography practice have been more of a full time professional work, just cuz i don't really like everything i shoot hah.

yeaaah, i got into tumblr just cuz like i had a blog and loads of fb friends etc and i remember keep on ending up on tumblr and just simply.not.get.it. but then i found some qt girls on tumblr and a bit later a list that said "this is how u get a girlfirend on tumblr" and i got it in that spirit, but then i got stuck due to the rest.

yeah like i remember everyone getting this specific social media site in sweden when i were about 11 but sometimes i were just a bit anti and like "that's ridiculous" but i got an other one that no one really had prob just a few 100 ppl on it. but yeah then i got stuck a year later or something. but i were def anti for a start, except form MSN, omg that was tween dream fantasy. funny fact too, i also got my first relationship through internet. thats actually so lolz.
also a crazy thing, when planing this show we realized we have painfully different tastes in the image format GIF's. can u tell me once more what u look for in a gif?

Maja Malou Lyse
haha, it was a ground breaking moment! our taste is always so similar!! anyways. I look for cute, funny, clever - what I look for in GIFS, I look for in love interests! (seams like a legit statement) But I'm pretty sure we can agree on this one: 


Maja Malou Lyse
Lets talk a lil about our show. So atm we're in the gallery installing everything. Its kinda crazy seeing everything here as physical objects. Cuz we know of all the pieces because of the internet - and a lot of it is also internet based work. Im so surprised how little technology we have included, its amazing. And returning to what we already have mentioned about confirming the existence of art via the Internet, this will prob be a really good example! The show is only up for 4 days but the Internet will keep it in a constant rotation and always live in a undefined space. So basically what i'm saying is, we better shoot some real good pics ;-)

Maja Malou Lyse
And last but not least, whats your favorite make-up tip?

Arvida Byström
no ones does it like Jillian and some eyeliner

Anna Crews: En Suite, 2014.

Christine Brache: Recount the Humiliation, Unquestioningly & Shattering Girls, 2013.

Jillian Mayer: , 2014.

Maja Malou Lyse: The Young-Girl and the Selfie, 2013.

Rosemary Kirton: 'Follow for More: Screenshots of Soft Culture' & Gabby Bess: FOLLOW FOR MORE… SOFT GHETTO??, 2013.

Lauren Cook: I wish you were a slut and more out outgoing, 2013.

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