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Thierry Geoffroy: Installation view, 2013.

VIDEO: Thierry Geoffroy - In Advance Of The Broken Arm @ Marianne Friis

"The exhibition is called "In advance Of The Broken Arm" which is the title of a readymade, a snow shovel, made by Duchamp. The snow shovel is used to remove snow and prevent accidents - Duchamp wanted to see the artist as someone preventing accidents"

AF Simon McNair

Bredgade 22, 1260 København K, www.mariannefriisgallery.com
In Advance Of The Broken Arm
16.11.2013 - 02.01.2014

After several exhibitions in international museums (ZKM Museum Karlsruhe/ Sprengel Museum Hannover / Heart Herning ) and biennials (Manifesta / Liverpool / Venice /Rejkavik), French born artist Thierry Geoffroy will again be exhibiting on Danish soil. Marianne Friis Gallery is proud to present the exhibition: CAN ART BE IN ADVANCE OF THE BROKEN ARM?

At this exhibition, Geoffroy will show retrospective work as well as recent works, in response to the question and title of the exhibition: CAN ART BE IN ADVANCE OF THE BROKEN ARM? 

Questioning the pertinence and the role of the artist is central to Geoffroy’s practice. By creating formats and platforms, he wants to give artists exposure in time. The idea is for the artist is to be in forefront in informing society about the troubles and problems he encounters. Geoffroy sees the artist’s role in society as one who has to alert his surroundings of wrongdoings. His means are manifests and an activating critical exhibiting platform. He sees the artists as avantgarde, with an intuition and a sensitivity that can predict and detect coming dysfunctions. 

Thierry Geoffroy has created what he calls ultra-contemporary art, which is nearly in opposition to contemporary, in order to be in time. Running or creating Emergency Rooms manifest the idea of the ultra-contemporary. 

But can an artist avoid accidents? And how?

At this exhibition, Geoffroy will address the question "CAN ART BE IN ADVANCE OF THE BROKEN ARM?" 

Can artists spot, prevent, and stop accidents before they happen?

Do artists have a role and a function?

Are artists too afraid and why?

Geoffroy is mostly known to be a creator or maker of formats like Emergency Room that toured the world including MOMA/ PS1. He is a well known Biennialist, whose works has been reviewed globally. The Danish public also know him for his work on Danish Television. 

Geoffroy will show works ranging from historic royal horse shit collected by active immigrants trying to prevent old ladies from slipping and falling - to art works that have been nominated as the most critical work at Documenta Kassel: informing the audience of the production of weapons that are specialized to kill urban protesters in connection with the future at the art event in Kassel.

Thierry Geoffroy @ Marianne Friis from Kopenhagen Art Institute on Vimeo.

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