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10.02.2014 STATEMENT

Sophia Kalkau

The night as an elixir

A recurring theme for the work of Sophia Kalkau (b. 1960) is the night, with its enigmatic and emotional conditions. Her latest exhibition Off White displayed at Peter Lav Gallery attempt to explore abstract emotions and give them concrete figure, through a notable series of photographs.

Sophia Kalkau graduated The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Art in 1994. This is what the artist told us about the exhibition:

AF Lukas Flygare

Bredgade 65A, st. th., 1260 København K, W: plgallery.dk
Off White
Sophia Kalkau
08.02.2014 - 29.03.2014

"Off White is a big picture suite, eleven square pictures, sort of dream scenes - a suite of sleep, dream and conception, swirling together. A painted wooden disc, sand coloured, a cloth, a body and a small wooden ball.
This is the situation, I find myself somewhere in the periphery, I draw a circle around the spot and lay down at the center.
The night is the core of the work.

During recent years I have been working on a number of larger photographic works, series that in different ways revolve around transformation and metamorphosis, physical and mental transitions. Flowing mental states. During my work with photography I have become more and more interested in the relation between the labyrinth of the mind and body geometry. I have studied relations between object and body, body and space, body with attribute. I have worked with juxtapositions, interaction and intergrowths.

Fundamentally I am interested in the relation sculpture/photography or the relation between them. My work with photography is a performative search and exploration of border areas, in an attempt to give abstract emotions tangible figure.

The night and the nocturnal is a recurring focal point for me. The night as a theme; Nuit Blanche, Dream Derivatives, White Story and Black Matter are all previous works that in different ways orbits the night, conditions like the dark, the fall, cavernous grief, anger, surrender, atonement and sleep - as elixir. The night is vital for my work.
I am interested in metaphysical works, I envision myself having a long dialog through time and space with other artists and their works, and with other fields of arts and cultures.

Off White is temporarily installed at Peter Lav - one wall, one work, and on my website it’s possible to see the other works."

Thank you

Sophia Kalkau: Off White (exhibition view), 2014.

Sophia Kalkau: Off White (exhibition view), 2014.

Sophia Kalkau: Off White (exhibition view), 2014.

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