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Bjarne Werner Sørensen: Domino I, 2012, 76x56 cm, litography. Foto: Bie & Vadstrup.

The law of repulsion and the adjustment of the similar

The exhibition "Propel" that is to inaugurate at Bie & Vadstrup gallery, Saturday the 12th of October 2013, will be dedicated to new paintings and prints of Bjarne Werner Sørensen


Entitling the 2012 series of lithographs Domino Bjarne Werner Sørensen adopts the playfulness of the tile game into his art. Selecting a number of patterns Werner Sørensen begins to play with his audience. Unnoticed at first the viewer gradually reveals the arrangement made by the artist. The compositions of the adjacent prints correlate one to the other by sharing the same motives.

Each new work in the series seems to give the artist the inspiration for the next print. The series is therefore based on the principal of adjustment to the similar. However to play this game the artist made use of a media that is based on the law of repulsion. While the prints cling to each other by sharing motives, the design of the print holds to the lithographic stone due to the chemical principle of mutual rejection.

Lithography uses a simple chemical process to create an image. It works because of mutual repulsion of oil and water. The image is painted with a fat or oil based medium on a limestone or a zinc plate. Once it is dry a diluted solution of gum arabic and nitric acid is spread on the surface of the stone. Its function is to surround the image with a water-retaining layer that will not accept the printing ink. When printing, the stone is kept wet with water. Printing ink based on oils is then rolled over the surface of the stone. The water repels the greasy ink while the area with the drawing accepts it, transferring the ink from the stone to the paper when the two are run together through the lithography press.

The abstract imagery of Bjarne Werner Sørensen, seen by some as landscape, is build by layers of color and ink. Each layer brings a new motive complementing the current composition and yet relating to the previous one. This intrigue is in the center of Werner Sørensen's series of lithographic prints entitled Domino, printed at, the Faroe Islands lithographic workshop, Steinprent, in 2012. Eight prints from a series of 16 make part of Bjarne Werner Sørensen exhibition 'Propel' that will run from the 13th of October till the 22nd of November 2013 at Bie & Vadstrup gallery.

Bjarne Werner Sørensen
13.10.2013 - 22.11.2013

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