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18.02.2014 PERFORMANCE

The Sisters: Coco & Coca Pepper Foto: Diana Lindhardt.

Sisters Academy: An aesthetic educational system

What happens when a performance art group takes over the leadership of an entire educational institution? Next week we might get the answer when the performance art group Sisters Hope takes over the leadership of HF & VUC FYN, FLOW for two weeks in a full-scale experiment involving more than 170 students and 20 teachers. Together with the performers they will explore a more sensuous mode of being – a more sensuous society.

AF Matilde Jensen


Sisters Academy is a school that challenges the existing educational system based on the economic dimension, a dimension that has dominated society since industrialization. Through an aesthetic intervention, Sisters Academy wishes to explore how education would look like if society's values ​​were rooted in an aesthetic dimension. Sisters Academy is the school of the new paradigm, a new educational system.

The only thing remaining from the old school order is the school schedule, the rest of the school will transform into a parallel universe – a universe where the twin sisters Coco and Coca Pepper are the head mistresses. The classrooms will be lighted differently, soundscapes will be drifting in the hallways and a special dress-code will be enforced. A series of enchanted spirits, such as The Cousin, The Chain Hans Pianist and the Protector of the Archive, will mingle and intertwine with the everyday life teachers and staff. All is created in order to explore and facilitate a framework that allows a more sensuous recognition of the world. The sensuous and poetic mode of being is at the centre of all action and interaction.

More than a piece of art
Sisters Academy operates in an interdisciplinary field between performance art, research, education and activism. Therefore it is not ‘just’ a piece of art, but also educational development and a project that seeks to have an actual political impact on the educational system. The idea is not only to emphasize and amplify the value of the creative subject fields on upper secondary school level, but more radically suggesting that these are actually fundamental to all other subject fields, such as math, history, religion etcetera. Math might start by an exercise on ‘how to sense Pi’, History might be initiated by sharing the dreams of the night to explore collective unconscious patterns and so on.

Lotte Darsø, Associate Professor in innovation and creativity, Department of Education, Aarhus University, member of Sisters Academy Advisory Board states:

"Sisters Academy is today’s most creative and imaginative experiment for renewing education at all levels. Instead of adding on aesthetic and artful methods and adapting these to a restrictive system (e.g. time schedules), a fictive universe is created lasting several days. The participants are ‘sunk’ into this universe in such a way that all senses are evoked and honed towards thoroughbred learning. This doesn’t mean that teaching is bypassed. On the contrary. Teaching will be accomplished according to plans, however, dressed in new rules, norms and language. The teachers will be prepared beforehand with ‘drops of inspiration’ from the fictive universe in order to get inspired towards new forms of teaching. A courageous, innovative, and unique initiative!"

You can follow Sisters Academy here!


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