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01.11.2012 INTERVIEW

Sad for something that never happened, 2012. Installation view. Courtesy: Toves Galleri.

Opening chestnuts with a chainsaw  

I forbindelse med vores udstilling Sad for something that never happened i det kunstnerdrevne udstillingssted Toves Galleri, Vesterbro ConTemporary Workout Space spurgte vi billedkunstner Wolf Insel over email om han havde nogle tanker om denne udstilling, som han havde set på Vesterbro 10 dage forinden. Tanker havde han, og også et par spørgsmål. Herunder følger denne korrespondance.  

AF Wolf Insel, Christian Jeppsson & Rasmus Høj Mygind

I'm sitting here on this remote island and I'm trying to recall your show. What I miss here is actually the ingredients in the show; construction materials galore gone awry and the company of a cute kitten or a sad, but devoted, puppy. Are you implying that these are the perspectives of the future; generic building blocks and gullible inhabitants? To me this seems a bit dystopic in its embrace of the lowest common denominator. Unless you're ironic and then I just slide off the high resolution and the glazed tiles...
We're never ironic. And this is the least ironic project any of us have ever been involved in. These objects and videos we found at construction fairs spoke to us in a language much older than irony itself - a silent intuitive language in which also cute, inanimate animals speak to us, calms us. Everything is allright, even if the future seems dark at times.

But you're right, the glazing on the cake is slippery for sure-­‐ although irony has nothing to do with it. The HD surface you're bouncing off of is more of a prerequisite in order to visualize this sensation we're interested in.
As the title implies, and the sad puppies serve as a figure of, there is this sense of an inner unexplaineable melancholy, a kind of lebenschmerz, which is loosely related to the feelings that arise when you encounter the sculptural elements and the animalbanners in the exhibition alike.
You're like a sunray trying to pass through a hardened and focal shaped lens-­‐ if you don't enter in the exact right angle you'll be repelled and reflected back into the blackness of outer space, but if you find the angle you will be exponentially enhanced.

What's up with the participation of Stefan Brüggemann? Is he in the show as the exotic factor or is his work another vague generic building block? Is anybody really in the show or are you all just pushing Tetris blocks around, curating everything?
Stefan Brüggemann is a Mexican artist whom we have mostly run into on the Internet. The title of the show: Sad for something that never happened is from his ongoing work Show Titles, which is a heterogeneous list of titles on the Internet, freely available for use by other artists or curators, which only require that Stefan Brüggemann is credited as an artist in the show.
Since this show is made up entirely of ready mades, the sculptural objects as well as the stock photos, but the show is produced by us; Christian Jeppsson and Rasmus Høj Mygind, Brüggemanns title, and his name are used by us, the same way as the objects are.
To ask questions of authorship is a bit dated, and not really relevant in this context, but surely its present, as always when something "all ready made" is used in art. Which these days, are as common as the use of acrylic paint.

The objects will be dispersed again after the exhibition, removed from the white cube and brought back to their normal contexts. They will be picked up by the logistic companys and delivered to storage facilities throughout the country, awaiting the next construction fair.

To play the role of The Sad Clown instead of The Devil's Advocate, I will mime the last question and thereby hopefully add a post scriptum performance to your exhibition of exclamation marks:

Wolf Insel starts operating a chainsaw, with which he cracks open a pile of chestnuts, one by one, until they are all done.

It seems appropriate that you would ask that question in mime. We agree about that, surely we do -­ but we could also see it evolve into something more intimate and subtle, yet heavier still. And we will in turn answer in italic;

Rasmus reaches for the half full lukewarm cup of coffee and pours a little out on the shiny aluminum cafe table - Christian places four sugar cubes forming a perfect square in the small brown puddle, the cubes absorb the coffee in slow motion. Rasmus then places his outdated Powerbook on the sugar cube pedistal. Christian empties the rest of the coffee onto its keyboard. Rasmus smiles. The screen flickers. They both laugh, simoultaneously crossing their arms.
An older woman in a fur coat walks in. She has a small pomeranian dog on a leash. It shakes itself, and barks at the room.

Sad for something that never happened, 2012. Installation view. Courtesy: Toves Galleri.

Sad for something that never happened, 2012. Installation view. Courtesy: Toves Galleri.

Sad for something that never happened, 2012. Installation view. Courtesy: Toves Galleri.

Sad for something that never happened, 2012. Installation view. Courtesy: Toves Galleri.

Sad for something that never happened, 2012. Installation view. Courtesy: Toves Galleri.

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