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16.10.2013 NEWS

Michael Isling: Michael Isling in his Studio, 2013.

Michael Isling mural on Frederiksberg

The Beanstek on H.C. Ørstedsvej 23, Frederiksberg

AF Kopenhagen

The Beanstek
Mural on H.C. Ørstedsvej 23, Frederiksberg. 

The tittle is inspired by the british tale "Jack And The beanstalk" about a farmers son. The painting is about the utopian ideology where people return to nature. With the fear of being considered as an hopeless hippie Iling comment "Tear down half of the city, plant some threes and live happier".

The motif extends late Romanticism in one building into a modern industrial building. Islings painting introduces the organic catalyst. The challenge for Isling was to relate to the relationship between the two very different buildings and the interpretation of the surrounding public space, which in this case is a transit area with a high activity and no residence. The space between the building "Small Rosenborg", from 1910 where the development of Frederiksberg really started, and the building adjacent: The gas-station with apartments on top which is one of Frederiksbergs central places.

Isling has chosen to present a new reality to introduce a place where two expressions interact and meet in dialogue. Isling is one of the most skilled interpreters of transit areas in Danish art (construction sites to wanting rooms). The dialogue that appears between past greatness and the contemporary central place of functionality is about the constant change in nature, transit and goals.

The mural is made in dialogue with Rasmussen A/S and sponsored by Frederiksberg and Frederiksbergfonden: DKK250.000,00

Michael Isling: The Beanstek, 2013.

Michael Isling: Opening, 2013.

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