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07.01.2015 SHOWPICS

Magnus Frederik Clausen: Self-portrait, 2014, 83 kg of salt equal to the weight of the artist on the day of the making.

Magnus Frederik Clausen: The Tomato Syndrome

ARTNOISE is pleased to present the first Italian show of the Danish artist Magnus Frederik Clausen, hosted at the Galleria Cinica in Palazzo Lucarini (Trevi).

AF Kopenhagen

Galleria Cinica, Palazzo Lucarini, Trevi (PG) palazzolucarini.it
The Tomato Syndrome
Magnus Frederik Clausen
December 13, 2014 - January 25, 2015 

The Tomato Syndrome brings together a series of different artworks, some previously produced and some displayed for the first time, that investigate the continuous interference between everyday life and artifice. The title is derived from an article published on the UNEP’s website, which refers to a singular increase in the cost of tomatoes that occurred in 2013 in Brazil: among the many causes that were identified in the explanation of the phenomenon, one was related to the aesthetics of the food, according to which the products that were not pleasing to the eye were deemed not suitable and therefore discarded. The exhibition starts from this input to propose, through the variety of techniques and materials handled by Clausen, a reflection around the accumulation of media information and its influence within the context of daily life. On the one hand, the artist uses elements specifically related to the commercial treatment of images, such as newspapers, catalogues and other promotional printed media, extrapolating them from their natural environment; in doing so, he highlights the dynamics behind the shared visual codes to which we are inexorably subjected, as it happens with the "modern style" proposed by Ikea that is the core of one of the works on display. Following the opposite procedure, materials such as tools, dust or other daily use items become the focus of the artistic practice: it’s the case of 250, a painting made by superimposing layers of soot, and the video modification#1, where a common sushi box is the means by which the artist attempts to retrace the horizon line in a seascape. By repeatedly overturning the point of view, Clausen is able to unravel the mechanisms of the collective language, and at the same time to mix up its elements through a critical perspective that reveals the potential of the medium in spreading the message.

Magnus Frederik Clausen in collaboration with Claus Haxholm: Modification#1, 2014, DVD-loop.

Magnus Frederik Clausen: Still from: Cropped 1969-2014, 2014, DVD-loop, 18’37’’, a selection of scanned images from all IKEA catalogues ever published.

Magnus Frederik Clausen: Symptoms, 2014, artist's book.

Magnus Frederik Clausen: The Tomato Syndrome (installation view), Galleria Cinica, 2014.

Magnus Frederik Clausen: Untime, 2014, monotype on newspapers.

Magnus Frederik Clausen: The Tomato Syndrome (installation view), Galleria Cinica, 2014.

Magnus Frederik Clausen: Untitled body, 2014, plastic, printed matter and glue.

Magnus Frederik Clausen: 250, 2014, soot on canvas.

Magnus Frederik Clausen in collaboration with Claus Haxholm: Composition#14, 2014, sunlight, water and dirt on sheeting.

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