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03.09.2013 ARTICLE

CHART Art Fair, 2013. Foto: Oscar Meyer.

CHART | ART FAIR round up

The first edition of CHART | ART FAIR at Charlottenborg in central Copenhagen took place 30. August - 1. September.

After years of failed attempts to make 17 years old Art Copenhagen able to attract an international audience, 5 major Copenhagen galleries took the matter in their own hands and initiated CHART, a very selective art fair, presenting only 22 of the most international Scandinavian galleries.

Prior to CHART, you had to look north, to Louisiana in Humlebæk, to find really well managed large scale art events in the Copenhagen area. Art Copenhagen never made it, and twice, 2008 and 2012, we have seen public money trying to make a contemporary art event, that would attact attention from an international, or at least European audience. It never really happened.

Now there is a new kid in town; CHART was a huge success. Kunsthal Charlottenborg proved to be an ideal venue for the well organized art fair, and the concept of using the existing architecture instead of putting up traditional fair booths, made a very unique atmosphere, and gave the fair a feeling of a well curated show.

Around 11.000 guests visited CHART in it's first edition, and the organization behind CHART is very satisfied with the first edition; "the interest in CHART Art Fair has been much greater than we dared to hope for. The exhibitors, collectors and visitors are extremely satisfied and it looks bright for the future CHART Art Fair. We look forward to next year" states Simon Friese, Production Manager for CHART. So do we!

AF Torben Zenth, Maria Bordorff

Kopenhagen did an intensive coverage of CHART | ART FAIR. Here is what we did:

CHART redraws the map of the Nordic gallery scene
Prior to CHART | ART FAIR Toke Lykkeberg considered the consequences of the new elite contemporary art fair in Copenhagen. What’s at stake?

This is CHART!
A quick tour through the new fair.

10 best shots from CHART | ART FAIR
CHART from the photographers point of view

Kopenhagen welcomes it's new reporter. ART SPICE TV from CHART. This is like TV!

Photos from the CHART | ART FAIR opening I & II

Photos from CHART | ART FAIR Grand Opening Party

Some final comments from participating galleries:

Peter Lav, Peter Lav Gallery. Photo Marie Bordorff
"A very positive experience. Kunsthal Charlottenborg works great as setting, I'll be happy to repeat. There has to be done something about the air condition though"

Börkur Arnason, i8 and Ilona Anhava, Anhava Gallery. Photo Maria Bordorff
Ilona Anhava: "It's been a great satisfaction being part of CHART 2013. Everything has been thought of in the smallest detail and I would assign a great 10+ (which happens to be the highest grade score on the Finish grading) to the organisation behind CHART ART FAIR. Great management, great space, hard workers and yet a friendly vibe all over"

Julie Quottrup Silbermann, Martin Asbæk Gallery. Photo Maria Bordorff
"It's been a succes. Our Matt Saunders works were sold on the first day. Many new people went to visit the gallery in Bredgade as well."

Christian Foghmar, David Risley Gallery. Photo Maria Bordorff
"The fair is a succes. All 6 works by Alex Da Corte has been sold. I'm very satisfied"

Marina Schiptjenko, Andréhn-Schiptjenko. Photo Maria Bordorff
"What has been unique about CHART ART FAIR has been the fact, that the organisers of the fair are exhibitors themselves. They have got hands-on experience about what it's like participating in an art fair. They have managed to create an event of high quality - and a great collegial experience as well"


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