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Thierry Geoffroy på Frieze Art Fair

Frieze Art Fair: Is there a better world behind the V.I.P. fence?

Frieze Art Fair is like ”Club Mediteranée”: The rich tourists are protected with fences and a private army. They are entertained with guided tours and clowns trying to relax them and make them feel exotic.

Like at "Club Mediteranée”, customers have the illusion to be (also) connected (slightly) to the world outside the fence: Some fake exotic dancers make them guess what the local culture could be.

Exited, the V.I.P.'s can have the smell of understanding artistic values and they can have a temporary illusion of being connected to the outside world. (with art as in-between).

To avoid contamination with lower casts the fences and the guards are protecting the V.I.Ps selected by Deutche Bank. They are garanty not to have contact with the others: the savages, the raw ones. Their privilege is to be protected to meet face to face with the poorest or the uncontrolled artists as this will be a disturbing and traumatic experience for the bank customers and supporters.

Inside, what ever the bank friends are desiring is on sale with certificate of authenticity: culture, dreams, sorrows, lies, exploitation, sexuality,  corruption, weapons and other adapted artistic expression to overview the world.

Someone has done selection for them.
Someone sharing their values.

Here the art has been filtrated by a gallery and then the gallery by the art fair and the art fair by the bank commissioning the all choreography of taste.

Here it is a soft-sofa, no spices.
Here performers have taken a shower.

The status of being a VIP, friend of the bank, request of course the behavior of a VIP:
the gesture
the superiority
the distance to the inferior .

For the new ones the frieze art fair is a school of arrogance and pointing nose gymnastic.

Here in the royal Regent Park they can also learn how to move around looking at art with superiority radiation:
one step froward
2 steps backward
nose up
breast out
ass on the roof.

The only suffering left in the VIP paradise is the jealousy.
The pain on not being VIP enough.
There is always a level of VIP’ism not accessible
a border 
a further dream of superiority.

VIP's are cruelly classified by the bank for different times for visits 
this depending on their level of superiority
they can see art more or less in delay.
(Never in time not to chock them) 

Not only does some have to wait more hours
but some VIP’s have access to this or that room, that bar, or that secret
and some others just don't.

Some can invest in this and not that
…some have a better looking partner than others.

This energy spend in referring to norms and climbing exercise is endless.

The only privilege they ALL benefit, here in the VIP paradise, is the protection  from the beggars (mainly the wannabepart artists) and all sort of disturbance reminding of the real world.

Here they are all equally protected from unexpected intrusion that may spoil their time and make them doubt their values and ideology.

In the VIP nirvana
Art is used as an ideology:
The celebration of the leading class
The glorification of the cast
Here the ideology of the powerful is reinforced and acclaimed.

Art is not to create revolts but to be an investment.
Art is a way to appropriate the revolt and be cynical about it.
Art can also be used to educate  kids (through guided tours) with a convenient re-reading of history. (Frieze education or guided tours done by the bank).
Art with corporate guides can tell you what is good or what is bad.
They can share bank values and rewrite history.

Art for social change is the best joke here.
The frieze Art Fair has a role in teaching you what is the real hierarchy.
Of course, maybe, the money earned by the hard working and risk taking gallerist, the money earned by the brave entrepreneurs organizers, the money earned by the fair artist.

Maybe all this money will be invested in a revolution.
Revolutionaries have to sell drugs to pay their revolution, so maybe everyone working here has a double life, a hidden dream!

Why do we still hear the preaching of relational aesthetic?
Why do we re-play the soup-giving scenario year after year when the art world is teaching rejection?
Why not a desk saying welcome? Instead of 4 rows of vip cards controllers?
Why has art got all this doormen?
Doing clasification, elimination,

Should we continue to follow the banks and let them decide who is in and out in the art world?
Have banks not been responsible of recent social disasters?

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