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Emergency art at the Venice Biennale with the Maldives pavilion: Søren Dahlgaard, CPS and the former president 

Søren Dahlgaard has been working for years to create awareness on the climate change issues now teaming up with acclaimed CPS curator collect if, former ministers and the courageous president Mohamed Nasheed from the Maldives.
They proposed a pavilion at the Venice biennale that has been accepted for the first time for 2013 (together with 8 new pavilions).

The former president Mohamed Nasheed is also an activist-performer that we all remember for his strong alarming statements at COP 15, and his ministerial performing meetings underwater is planning to come to join force at the Venice Biennale to spray awareness and accelerate the burning debate necesserary to activate NOW. It will be a urgent reflection about global warming but also reflection about nations and mobility. The Maldives is fearing total disparation under water, due to climate change. There is an emergency to create awareness and also find a solution to relocate the all population of the island to a safe place, but where? Which nation will welcome a whole population? If getting supported, Søren is proposing an ambitious project of an inflatable island.

This real alarming issues that we can see as an urgent symbol of the world important problems to focus on now, will need out great attention and support. To make it even more difficult, the Maldives has had a coup.

Venice, and the all international intelligentsia press coming, will through art and performances be witnessing this important issue. We also know that Venice is suffering of similar problems of sinking into water.

Venice and its debating intellectual crowd, looks like an appropriate place to create awareness and reflection about  climate change and nations.

Søren introduced me to the importance of climate change issue at the first Emergency Room. One of his masterpieces at the Emergency Room was at the Moma / PS1 in 2007 with the NEWS STAND. Sørens wife is from Maldives, and Søren has been exhibiting and doing very large projects in the Maldives through the years. He is an visionniare able of gigantic installation both poetic and political. The rest of CPS team are Aida Eltorie Alfredo Cramerotti and Khaled Ramadan. Khaled Ramadan is also very familiar to us, as he worked in Denmark as artist, inter kultural consultant, curator and professor. CPS is famous for its sharp curatorial work they did at Manifesta Biennale 2009 in Murcia 

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