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Atomic bombs, Danske Bank, Jacque Chirac, me and the friendly killing weapons

"Danske Bank does not invest in companies that contribute to the production of anti-personnel mines or cluster bombs. The Bank may invest in companies that produce conventional weapons and nuclear weapons."

The statement is from Danske Bank and can be found on their webpage.

First let me apologize again. Please don't reject me, I did not intend to be part of this, it is a mistake, sometimes people take decisions without I know. I was not responsable for the atomic test in the pacific done under Jacque Chiracs presidency in the 90's. Most people, not only in Denmark but world wide people got outraged about France and the french doing atom tests and I understand it. Most danish supermarkets were boycotting french products and even made adds about it to blame the entire nation. Even so I understood this activist energy and supported it. I found it so scary I even had to tell anyone I was from Belgium and not France.
I even signed Marcel Geoffroy from Belgium some interviews in Jyllandsposten to avoid stoning. The tension was so strong, it was even dangerous to be speaking with a french accent.

As an effrot to join the global cause I created an ultrafast t-shirt with a collage of Chirac together with some criminels that escaped from jail that same day. Peter Ravn then director of fashion art brand "Democrats", exhibited it in his window as we were doing art in public space, news papers wrote stories about it, we even got the french police investigating about who I was. It was the world in the 90's.

Anti atombomb fashion in the 90's

 Now time have changed hence the slogan "time for change": nuclear weapons are no longer a moral problem, it seems. Even Danske Bank may invest your economy (and mine) in good, legal, nuclear weapons: New world, evolutions, new standarts. Coolness? It is transparent. It is on their web page, please read and write a comment. Now we know, we can not say we did not know.

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