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Kassel 8th of September 2012. Foto: Thierry Geoffroy.

Aesthetetic of elimination, repression, death and emptiness - the last days of Documenta.

Protest aesthetic is used by all means: Body Shop organize a demo to sell products and target goodwill kids, Documenta 13 use it to create coolness diversion, the Kassel shopping center use is to sell winter jacket etc....

The protesters are used as attitude icones for boosting sales and its serious dramatic message gets disturbed and hijacked.

Societé du spectacle is gone more than full speed.

Therefore the protesters have to look for a new aesthetic as the old one got, not only stolen, but is abused to express the opposite ideology.

Beside the glossy world of advertisement, we now see more and more images of protesters (looking like us) getting gassed and beaten brutally. We see more and more images of the repression, the elimination and the clash between democratic protests and their opposition. It is a clash with no communication involved.

We all knew the aesthetic of the protest from Kassel with the slogans, the tents, the Occupy movement... but 8 days before the end of documenta it got transformed in a death field without life.
After the aesthetic of protest 
came the aesthetic of disappearance,
the aesthetic of emptiness, repression, death, non debate, poisoned relational soup.

8 days before the end of Documenta the occupy movement that was in front Fredericianium left the camp, and the conclusion (for now) turned into symbols of death, expression of killing, repression and apocalypse.

The Oberbürgermeister Bertram Hilgen (SPD) declared "Es ist das erste Occupy-Camp, das freiwillig geht" (it is the first camp of Occupy to leave by it s own will).

What happened to have such a switch in the occupy performing scenography?

Is it the result of an infiltration, or is it a new expression about today's world that we should see as an alarming comment?
Why did all this people leave after 90 days of Occupy?
Were they not happy and flattered to be honor guests at Documenta 13?
Were they disappointed?
Did they fell misused?
Is the contemporary a waste of time for activists?

9 days before the end of Documenta the Occupy movement camp site was transformed in a cemetery, leaving traces of empty tent space, transforming the lively camp in a sad memorial. A sculture of a tank in the middle of the battlefield remembering the heavy weapon industry in Kassel was left.

Empty spaces, silence and death had replaced the life, the slogan and the debate.

The contemporary looks like it should look now, facing it s own limit: A place for emotions looking at the past, not the future. No dialogs about tomorrow any more, just desolation and burned grass.

How did it happens that protesters like occupy decide to go just before the VIP week starts in Kassel?
What make them do a "performance" in which they performed their own death?
How can the occupy movement leave Kassel when it becomes like Wall Street?
How could they let the dealers Occupy Kassel instead of them?

Saturday 8th of September at 3 pm the police - performed by Occupy activists - came and fakely brutalized the campers obliging them to pack in their tents. It actullay looked like a real razzia, with the necessary violence and pain. It was a touching performance as some of the occupy were actually in real life-death situations and some did not have a place to go after. We also know that previous occupy camp got such treatment, only at that point it was for real.

That the Occupy Kassel showed us a world that do not try to debate any more, but in repression mood, is a very sad remark. That the activists, the homeless, run away from the world most prestigious art platform despite they were proclaimed welcome (with some hidden selection, curating, and infiltration) could be a great sign of extreme freedoom.

They left without any clear message: A landscape of desolation, death and an abandoned tank.

Were the Occupy movement infiltrated by scriptwriters and spies that convinced them to commit suicide?
Or is emptiness and burned grass a new protest scenography?
ALERT: something is happening!

Occupy Kassel. Foto: Thierry Geoffroy.

Kassel 8th of September 2012. Foto: Thierry Geoffroy.

Kassel 6th of June/21th of June 2012. Foto: Thierry Geoffroy.

Kassel 8th of September 2012. Foto: Thierry Geoffroy.

"This is not a jacket this is rebellion". Use of protest aesthetic for shopping center advertissement. Foto: Thierry Geoffroy.

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