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Dybbølsgade 60, 1721 København V

Torsdage og fredage kl. 15-18, lørdage og søndage kl. 14-17

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Oskar Sølvsten Sørensen

30.11.2013 - 08.12.2013


This exhibition includes a selection of my latest works from a larger ongoing series of related paintings. The paintings are presented under the title Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow and has a shared common theme: They are all observations of my immediate surroundings and everyday reality. Through repeated depictions of the physical spaces I move in and the people I share my life with, a kind of reflective "self-portrait" in many separate parts is created.
In this way I hope to be able to approach a new understanding of my surroundings and myself. It is an attempt to " pursue " my love, my loneliness and longing , my dreams and my beliefs as they may appear as mirror images on the "reality" outside of myself - an external reality, which is somehow "animated" through my interpretation. Despite the personal starting point, the general relationship between outer reality and the fictional representation of them affects us all. I hope that others can recognize themselves in the reflections of the images.

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