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Skånes Konstförening

Bragegaten 15 / Ystadvägen 22, 21430 Malmö

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Åbningstider under Glasmo: Mandag - søndag kl. 13-17

Who are you? Are you a name and a space? Tawanda Appiah and Simona Dumitriu in conversation

13.04.2019 -

You are invited to the Room to Listen, a place for resting within the unrest, among chaotic references of sound, where sonic structures are brought together as mysterious, political and life changing. A space to be filled with conversations. 

The curatorial frame of The appearance and disappearance of futures and pasts was carved through long conversations, twisted between history and the future. Many of these conversations turned progressively more and more to sound––and to music––to its political layers, to personal memories, to the way music constructs time and space. 

In Who are you? Are you a name and a space?, Simona Dumitriu and Tawanda Appiah will try to go back into history as lived experience, in order to reflect on the present and the future, from their two stand points, and by doing that offer a glimpse into their collaboration and their pasts, from the nuance of August Musarurwa’s 1968 anti-colonial jazz hit “Skokiaan” in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia), to moments of queer kinship serenaded by Chavela Vargas, to long joyful nights dancing to Fela Kuti, and hot Romanian summers that smelt of dust and sounded of road trip music, and how it all came together in the current exhibition.

The last third of the talk will extend to the public, wishing and hoping for the conversation to engulf all those present in it. 

Afterwards, from 9 pm, as both a release and a moment of celebration, we are inviting you to bring in one vinyl record of your own, filled with your own meanings, and play for everyone one song – or more.

The conversation will be held in English.

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