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Marie Kirkegaard Gallery

Holbergsgade 17c, 1057 København K

MAIL: gallery@mariekirkegaard.com

TLF: +45 2012 3053

WEB: mariekirkegaard.com

Tirsdag-fredag 12-18. Lørdag 12-15


Silas Inoue

16.11.2013 - 21.12.2013


We are pleased to welcome you to Silas Inoue's first solo exhibition Wellness in the gallery.

Wellness is often associated with luxurious forms of relaxation such as spa, massage and cosmetic care. And in addition the term is also used to describe alternative medicine, Yoga, Mindfulness and various New Age movements.

Based on this ambiguity Silas Inoue has created a series of new works for his exhibition, where values and meanings dissolve in favour of a pictorial play with different associations and references - from spiritual performances, to more conventional aspects of modern life, such as consumption, economics and stress.

Silas Inoue's Wellness consists of sculptures, paintings and drawings, in which several layers of acrylic paint, watercolour and pencil form a coherent and colourful expression. From a heavy blackness to a light pastel the works shimmer between night and day, dream and reality. Cosmetic products transform into cosmic objects, and economic graphs become euphotic imagery. These are complemented by a rippling sound from a fountain where water runs in a continuous journey through geometric and organic shapes. The fountain interacts in the exhibition with a clinical installation of the works, which underpins an atmosphere of a spa and hot tub experience.

Small cracks and other sights into Inoue's idiosyncrasies seems however to appear in this polished surface, whereby the works constantly alternate between a minimalist tranquillity and an expressionistic ferocity in an ambiguous logic stemming from an unspecified space between order and chaos.

Silas Inoue (b. 1981 DK) graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 2010 with studies at Jan Matejki, Academy of Fine Art, Krakow 2008-2009, and at Osaka Seikei University, Japan 2007-2008.

Through a diverse artistic practice consisting of drawings, painting, sculpture and large-scale installation, Inoue mainly works the intangible sides of life, such as dreams, spiritual performances, and neglected phenomenas - thus it is often a fascination of "the Other" that influence Inou's work Inoue is adding the use of materials and objects from everyday life to this pictorial universe to dissolve all values and meanings, and to identify new ways to understand the structures that surround us.

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