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Weekly salon in the Atelier

04.09.2019 -

Flux Wednesday presentations by Heather Kapplow, Springboard Collective (Danny Crump & Sarah Dahlinger) Marta Masternak and Verena Meyer

***Please bring an object with you that is either luxurious to you, or which symbolizes luxury for you.***

Heather Kapplow will present an ongoing project about LUXURY, what it is, why we need it, and what the possibilities are for feeling a sense of luxury in our lives that isn’t tied to spending money/exploiting natural resources or other people. Kapplow is gathering data via an online survey and by doing interviews in different cities in the US, EU and beyond. Kapplow will interview participants and take a photograph of their objects, and this data will be used to shape unique sculptural objects/experiences occurring in Bilbao (Spain) at the end of 2019 that are luxurious but have no monetary value.

Danny Crump and Sarah Dahlinger co-direct Springboard Collective, a collaboration that produces collectively authored social sculptures and immersive installations. They will discuss their collaborative process and present recent projects.

Marta Masternak is a Berlin-based filmmaker who will screen 2 new collage films with music by permanenterror. “Cizsa (Silence)” addresses the relationship between time, memory, and how we perceive the subjective reality of it; which we base our everyday thoughts and experiences on. “Human Rituals” investigates acts that though often very simplistic in expression, can be extremely effective and ubiquitous in all known human societies, from grand coronation ceremonies to a simple handshake.

Verena Meyer will give an interactive performance.

Everyone in the museum is welcome to participate.

To be added to the guestlist for this event please RSVP maya@fluxfactory.org

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