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Friisgatan 15, 214 30 Malmö

Tuesday - Sunday 13- 17

Vestige Organ

Simen Stenberg

15.06.2019 - 29.06.2019


Wet beads roll off the tip of your body. Your glands ooze;
dripping - a slow hidrosis reducing your core temperature.
Dead skin cell-rubbings, like scraping the scales off a lifeless fish.
The distinct smell of onions accompanying this salty solution sticking to the back of your raincoat fabric. 

Membranes are not entirely separate;
they sort and part, filter and exclude, but are porous and can be crossed.
As transmitters of information they leak, absorb, secrete minerals and emotions.
A process of taking and gifting.
To be porous and permeable is to be blurred and undefined.

You swallow as your throat tightens;
corrugated, coagulated, clogged. 

In the field of radiography, a radiographic artefact can be an effect or error created when an object or material interferes with the desired image of the body. 

The result is the object being visually imposed on the body, a demonic possession of the image, as if the body contained it. 

Tissue doesn’t fossilize, unless it’s been caught in amber, a resin from certain trees that can capture and preserve insects and organic matter before hardening into a gemstone.
Amber is said to have been Leonardo da Vinci’s favourite varnish to cover his paintings. He was aware of their organic properties, so maybe this was his way of overcoming it: fossilizing them behind a glossy veil of varnish. 

A few years ago, scientists developed a so-called self-healing car paint. Its magic agent is chitosan, derived from chitin, a component of the shell of crustaceans; also found in the skin of mushrooms. If the paint gets scratched, it will heal in no time, through exposure to UV rays. 

The car’s surface is developed;
the sun brings it to life, a process not unlike that of developing an analog photograph—but the difference here is that history is not preserved; It is erased as if nothing ever happened. 

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