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Friisgatan 15, 214 30 Malmö

Tuesday - Sunday 13- 17


Rasmus Ramö Streith

15.09.2018 - 29.09.2018



Up ahead over the horizon was the moon. I looked up and saw the enormous, oval body of an animal, covered in fur, and a head with two pointed ears. I’ve never seen ears that big before. A pair of leathery, flapping wings extended out on each side. I wasn’t afraid, and the creature’s claws didn’t harm me.

The landscape beneath me was littered with holes, holes everywhere. No trees, no houses, no roads, and no people. Just row upon row of holes.

Whatever was holding on to me slowly lost altitude. The closer I came to the ground, the better I could see that each hole had an object placed inside it. Bicycle, tire, gravestone, rubbish bin, plastic mug, door, plate, bottle, knife, dress, computer, book, ladder, key . . .

It landed in one of the holes; an empty one. The creature very carefully set me down. Now, it was able to fold its wings away. Then, it stood there, like a dark pillar. It was hard to make out, apart from the bulbous eyes, which looked like a pair of black spheres. They were impossible to look into. I thought that it was speaking to me, but then, suddenly, there was nothing, where it had been only a moment ago.

I couldn’t move my feet. I was stuck. I looked down, and the legs that were no longer my own had ceased to be human. They had turned into wood, finely carved and lacquered, like the leg of a chair or dining table.

The installation Un- by Rasmus R Streith is centered around a film: The Undead.
It takes you inside a house where rooms are filled with “things” and operations. 

The second part of the installation consists of everyday objects and handcrafted sculptures, creating individual scenes and traces of characters.

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