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Friisgatan 15, 214 30 Malmö

Tuesday - Sunday 13- 17

Time to Transform

Marika Markström

17.05.2014 - 30.05.2014


For a long time I have been interested in the organisation of the human psyche. How our selves arecomposed out of different structures, of which the most important ones can be derived from the very first years in life - when encountering the conscious mind of the closest objects, but foremostly theirunconscious, plays a crucial role.
That is the period when the ego is formed on the basis of introjections and complexes, whose contents has to be repeated in the adult life of the individual as well-maskedstagings, which the psychoanalyst Joyce McDougall calls 'theaters of the mind'. The repetitive nature of the ego reflects the power of the unconscious. This power affects our everyday life much more than we are aware of.

But the unconscious is continuously open for outer stimuli, also other than interpersonal relations. How social, political and economical conditions interact with psychic components has since some time caught my attention. A very interesting but sometimes worrying thing, is how subjective choices, whose validity and origin are all too rarely investigated or questionized, have impact in a larger scale on a collective level if they are given enough space. This can of course be positive and is positive to a great extent. But the state of the world tells also other stories.

How ideas proliferate and materialise was what caught my interest when I started to read Félix Guattari's The Three Ecologies and Gregory Bateson's end essays in Steps to an Ecology of Mind. Their definition ofecology extended to encompass a whole context of mental, social and environmental phenomena asinterwoven has influenced several of my works in this exhibition.

When our contemporary cultures are built upon some questionable basic assumptions - which we pay a high price for e.g. in the form of alienation, violence, the suffering of the nature, poverty despite of abundance, inequality and less psychic health - we need to create a more critical awareness concerning our segmented epistemologies and an active change of our habits, whose consequences we don't always see. In that process an identification with the whole beyond the personal sphere could probably help. To find new ways of thinking which give us overview of the ecological and generation transgressing context, so that production and consumption come in better harmony with the surrounding too.

But as little as capitalism is totally black, the synthetic is thoroughly lifeless. Perhaps it is out of dynamic amalgamations of artificiality and ancient wisdom that something new, yet timeless will appear?

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