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There’s No Place Called Home

James Webb

19.09.2016 - 02.10.2016


If you listen carefully you will hear birdsong in the tree – a song that should not be heard here. The sounds are recorded in one country and broadcast from hidden loudspeakers in another. They merge with the local sounds and are difficult to distinguish. Although the bird songs are foreign even the local birds do not respond. 

There’s No Place Called Home is a recurring global project that began in 2004. The work provokes thoughts about migration by both animals and people, about communication flows and questions about what characterises a local identity. At the same time a magic arises that is close to nature. 

Inspired by the concepts of belief and communication, James Webb often creates theatrical installations by means of subtle interventions in public spaces. The works function as alternative spaces for thought and contemplation in the urban environment. Webb was born in 1975 and lives in Cape Town.

James Webb's sound installation There’s No Place Called Home is included in the exhibition Malmös leende (Malmö’s smile), a group exhibition produced by Public Art Agency Sweden and implemented in cooperation with the City of Malmö. In Malmös leende international and Swedish artists intervene in Malmö’s public space. They try to break down simplified images and explore the complex reality. In various ways they explore issues of politics, religion, language, music, belonging and the cityscape.

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