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Carlsberg Byens Galleri & Kunstsalon

Pasteursvej 14, 1. sal, 1799 København V

Onsdag 14-19, torsdag 14-19, søndag 11-17

The Path

Vincente Matte, Jeppe Kruse

05.08.2017 - 20.08.2017


How I never met Vicente Matte:

For me it was fascination at first sight. I browsed my instagram and there he was. I started clicking likes and my thump went sore. So I just wrote a message saying “consider everything liked”. Then he began liking back and the “affair" was on.

I have this art venue KIKshh in the old chapel in the park and former graveyard surrounding Sct. Hans Hospital in Roskilde with both a morgue, a chapel and a section room. In the section room dead patients up til 1982 could have their brains removed for scientific studies. That room I invited Vicente to show his work in. It is a delicate room to use for art, but if anyone could do it, it would be him. 

Why I thought that, was because I in his work saw a fragile certainty and a sensitivity that is very rare. He is fragile and strong at the same time. Sometimes he whispers so intense that it seems loud as a roar. I have met the same strange serious experience watching Jean Foutirier and very few others. They are not the same, but the feeling of stone solid quality based vulnerability is. I am so thrilled to make a dou-show with him in CGK.

When I first saw the work of Jeppe, I was immediately dazzled by the purity that there was. Those paintings that day after day appeared in my Instagram where slowly catching my attention — as all important things do. I was captivated by the simplicity of these color shapes that floated in his paintings, by that radical honesty that took in so much mystery. Those enigmatic paintings could be antique visions of faraway universes where man once wandered, but does not remember anymore, as well as landscapes of the microcellular world looked through the lens of a microscope; in any case, it is about a world where everything floats, where the gravity of the spirit rules and where, for some reason, our body and mind find a special serenity. I felt very grateful the day that Jeppe wrote me inviting me to exhibit my work with a group of artists at KIKshh, a place as enigmatic and special as his work. But, as if that was not enough, Jeppe wrote me a few days later to invite me to exhibit with him at Carlsberg Byens Galleri & Kunstsalon Pasteursvei in Copenhagen. For me it is a great honor to exhibit alongside this great artist of the simple shapes and complex sensations. This great present fills me with joy.

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