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Claesgatan 14 , Malmö

Onsdag - torsdag 14-18, fredag 11-16, lördag - söndag 12-15

The Overview Effect

Ylva Bengtsson, Maria Buyondo, Hannah Giles, Malin Griffiths, Anja Linnea Hellström, Klara Källström, David Arnar Runólfsson

27.09.2015 - 01.11.2015


In 1968, the iconic Blue Marble photograph of Earth was created.
Not only was it an image of stunning beauty - it also represented a new perspective on life on earth, an essential and radical shift in self-awareness. The astronauts described a profound sense of connectedness, a feeling of timelessness. An overwhelming experience, raising questions as: What does it mean to be here, as the only living light in an otherwise dark space?What responsibility do we have towards ourselves and the place we live in? But it also gave a feeling of global consciousness.

Can contemporary photography achieve something similar? Can it call for equivalent great emotions of understanding something about ourselves as human beings? Is contemporary photography still capable to engage and declare, create connections of recognition?

Ylva Bengtsson, Maria Buyondo, Hannah Giles, Malin Griffiths, Anja Linnea Hellström, Klara Källström and David Arnar Runólfsson are all explorers of new stars, showing work that communicates the experiences and existential circumstances which define and create us. As daring astronauts they dive into the universe of photography, working in a space that knowledge and technology allows them to be in. They mark a place in the overwhelming, endless cosmos of images, questioning the reality in our dramatic world, opening up for new experiences. They turn our gaze to precious moments, that we know will be lost in time. Like tears in the rain.

- Lotta Antonsson, Professor in Photography

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