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Galerie Leger

Dockplatsen 8, 200 10 Malmö

Mandag - fredag 10-17:30, lørdag 12-16

The Other Side of This

Anders Moseholm

05.11.2017 - 28.11.2017


There are several contradicting realities in the world we live in. This can seem difficult to comprehend and outright anxiety-inducing. Contradictions may, however, also prove rather constructive. When I am contradicted in my assumptions about the world, I might at first feel frustrated, but for me contradictions also appear as dynamic forces driving the development of my view of the world. The ability to contradict myself has almost become a necessary condition for developing my art. There is a constructive vitality in knowing the opposite view, and in my artistic work it is practically an inherent necessity. Today, art is one of the few spiritual spaces capable of sustaining multiple truths and complimentary elements, and yet at the same time appear as a functional whole. 

In order for a piece of artwork to be of sufficient quality, an invocation of something complimentary and critical distancing from the postulated reality of the particular piece is critical. One piece may contain both tradition and innovation, history and the present, the abstract and the realistic, collapse and coherence, the rigid and the free, creation and destruction, open and shut, darkness and light, the dim and the clear, etc.

I have made a series of new paintings, concerned with addressing their opposites. 

A form of musical noise simultaneously playing with you and against you, as if there are two different systems attempting to communicate and cooperate in the creation of a third system. One type of logic dismantles the other, and then not. Systems of color begin and collapse, and a new sense of order is created. Working with the complexity and infinity of this clash has filled me with curiosity, as well as constructive, frustrated surprise.

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