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Astrid Noacks Atelier

Rådmandsgade 34, 2200 København N

The nude sculpture case

Erik Göngrich, Michael Schultze

28.10.2012 - 31.10.2012


Astrid Noack's Atelier presents:

The nude sculpture case
A one week investigation by Erik Göngrich and Michael Schultze
Opening: Sunday October 28, 2-5 pm.
Exhibition period, October: Monday 29, Tuesday 30, Wednesday 31. All days 2-5 pm. Rådmandsgade 34, Copenhagen. 

Sandberg: May I ask one question: why isn't the working class coming here? This cemetery is for free. It costs nothing. It could be a place for recreation. So why don't they come? I am going to tell you: the working class has got money now, they spend it on going to the beaches, drinks and football games, whatever. I tell you: in between the professors and the working class we now have Google. Nobody asks questions anymore.

That is how we lost our innocence.Within the historic studio situation of Astrid Noack the two artists Erik Göngrich and Michael Schultze investigate notions of the disappearance of the figurative in sculpture, bigness, fiction and document. Four books, three bottles of wine and 10 kg of clay were brought to the studio. Stories and materials in the neighbourhood were collected to create objects dealing with the specific situation and context of ANA. Somewhere between the facticity of things and the representation of them the artists take us into the private, public, functional and phantasmatic world of Astrid Noack's studio.

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