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Nymøllevej 78, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

MAIL: primer@diakron.dk

TLF: +45 3027 1851

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The future hides that it hides nothing

Lav Diaz, The Pacific Institute, H. C. Ørsted, Andrei Tarkovsky, Susanne Ussing, Ocean of America, Pierre Wack, Inger Christensen, Louis Scherfig, Samuel Butler, Sotirios Levakos, Ferhat Karaca, Fatih Camci & Paul Graham Raven, Paul Graham Raven, Barbara Heinzen, Jay Springett, Mi You

30.05.2019 - 22.09.2019


The project investigates the production of imaginaries and scenarios of the future. With climate change rendering the future increasingly volatile, the project posits futurity as a crucial site of artistic engagement, one undertaken in constant dialogue with other fields. Set in the context of the water technology company Aquaporin, the project explores the parallel temporalities produced by artists, filmmakers, authors, scientists, corporations and non-governmental organizations.

‘The future hides that it hides nothing’ combines an exhibition, public conversations, podcasts, workshops, partnership development and texts. From this base of research and development, a long-term engagement with the subject will be developed, informing coming projects and partnerships of Primer.

The project marks the beginning of a new working methodology for Primer, where a set of formats operate alongside and influence each other. This includes research-based thematic projects that engage emerging systemic issues, open-ended long-term collaborations with artists, public private partnerships with Aquaporin, collaborations with external partners, educational programs and ongoing communication about our activities.


Primer is a platform for artistic and organizational development. It is located in the headquarters of Aquaporin, a global water technology company.

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