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Martin Asbæk Gallery

Bredgade 23, 1260 København K

MAIL: gallery@martinasbaek.com

TLF: +45 3315 4045

FAX: +45 3313 1610

WEB: martinasbaek.com

Mandag-fredag 11-18 Lørdag 11-16


Kristian Dahlgaard

13.01.2017 - 18.02.2017


Martin Asbæk Gallery proudly invites you to the opening of Kristian Dahlgaard’s new solo exhibition: TENTAKLER Friday 13. January

The sculptor Kristian Dahlgaard works extensively with the weight and the absence of mass. His work consists of uniform sculptures based on one form made out of a myriad of small identical bricks, which has been put together in layers and different forms - again and again. For each time the first, original form is slightly moved so the final form is made of a network of surfaces and holes. 

One figure can easily consist of over 1000 individual components that all individually capture the light. Through the consistent replica of form the artists reaches a reflective grace similar to running water or a flames movement and sound in a fire.

Practical information 

The opening is from 5-7pm

For the thirsty ones: wine will be served 

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