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Blågårdsgade 31, 2200 København N

Tendency II – Nordic Noir

Joseph Grahame, Line Busch, Jacob Alrø

28.10.2017 - 29.10.2017


Experience the newest tendencies at the contemporary art scene when you visit the charismatic Blågårdsgade on 27-29 of October. It is with pride Rendezvous Artspace, in collaboration with Kvit Gallery, presents the exhibition Tendency II - Nordic Noir.

Once again we open the doors to the young art scene - this time at Nørrebro in Copenhagen, where the experimental canvas is in focus of the three artists: Line Busch (DK), Jacob Alrø (DK) ) and Joseph Grahame (UK). The artists all embrace the Nordic dark colour palette and represent different tactile approaches to the traditional painting on canvas: The canvas is fragmented, dirty, cut up and twisted by the artists who use the canvas as a motive in itself, rather than painting on it .

Take your friends along and meet us for an informal conversation about the newest tendencies in contemporary art. 


Rendezvous Artspace wishes to create new contexts for young art. The vision is to present professional exhibitions for young art to ensure a dynamic art scene in Denmark. The exhibition has been created in collaboration with the talented women at Kvit Gallery, which open their space and arms for exhibitions with high artistic integrity and experimental character.

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