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Jeff Wall - Tableaux Pictures Photographs

Jeff Wall

12.03.2015 - 21.06.2015

Jeff Wall: Jeff Wall - Tableaux Pictures Photographs (installation view), Louisiana, 2015. Foto: Poul Buchard.

Jeff Wall: Jeff Wall - Tableaux Pictures Photographs (installation view), Louisiana, 2015. Foto: Poul Buchard.

Jeff Wall: Jeff Wall - Tableaux Pictures Photographs (installation view), Louisiana, 2015. Foto: Poul Buchard.

Jeff Wall: Boxing, 2011, 222,9 x 303,5 x 5,1 cm, Light-jet print. Courtesy: Jeff Wall © Jeff Wall.

Jeff Wall: Monologue, 2013, 240 x 290 cm, Lightjet-print. Courtesy: Jeff Wall © Jeff Wall .

Jeff Wall: Volunteer, 1996, 221,5 x 313 cm, Sølvgelatine-print. Courtesy: Jeff Wall © Jeff Wall .

Jeff Wall: Siphoning Fuel, 2008, 193,2 x 242,6 cm, Inkjet print. Courtesy: Jeff Wall og Marian Goodman Gallery, New York and Paris © Jeff Wall.

Jeff Wall: Passerby, 1996, 250 x 339,5 cm, Sølvgelatine-print. Courtesy: Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg © Jeff Wall.

Jeff Wall: Fieldwork, 2003, 219,5 x 283,5 cm, Diapositiv i lyskasse. Courtesy: Jeff Wall © Jeff Wall.

Jeff Wall: Overpass, 2001, 214 x 237,5 cm, Diapositiv i lyskasse. Courtesy: Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation, deponering Öffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel © Jeff Wall.

Jeff Wall: Rear, 304 E 25th Ave., May 20, 1997, 1.14 & 1.17 p.m., 1997, 246,6 x 363,5 cm, Sølvgelatine-print. Courtesy: MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation. Long-term loan of Cal Cego. Contemporary Art Collection © Jeff Wall.


The Canadian artist Jeff Wall (b. 1946) is one of the most significant image-makers of our time, and one of its masters of photography. In his own lifetime well-known works of his have already become indicators and illustrations of the decades in which he has been active. When he visits Louisiana from March it will be for the second time. The last time was in 1992 with works from the 1970s onward; now the perspective is to be supplemented with the time from 1996 up to his latest works.

Since the 1970s Jeff Wall has used photography as a medium. Not just as an alternative to painting, but in entirely new ways that also use other means than the medium's obvious documentary potential. He thus stands as one of those who have introduced photography to the world of art.

Wall is famous for declaring that in his works he "does not begin with photography", a stance that expresses his em­pha­sis on the idea of the work before its material execution. The point of departure may well be something the artist has seen, a feeling or something remembered, but the works are not accurate reconstructions. However, Wall wants the works to be open to us as viewers, and is therefore dismissive of giving instructions for the reading of art. With its highly varied works from the past couple of decades the exhibition makes it clear that everyone can get something out of Wall's art. As Jeff Wall says, "It's you who write the script".

In fact Wall composes his pictures just like a painter, especially in terms of the placing of his figures, and scales the works up or down to achieve the desired effect. But coupled with the specific ability of photography to capture the surfaces of the world, his works become encounters between something real - a motif from the absolutely ordinary world - and something less real that has a filmic and poetic effect. In front of these works, we hesitate as viewers and dwell on the image. And because the pictures have such a presence for us, we avoid moving directly through them with our gaze, as he himself formulates it, towards the memory of a bygone moment. In this respect Wall the image-maker cherishes a definite interest in the way older periods use figures in a narrative. Not only the masters of the Baroque, but also Manet, remain an inspiration, and elements from their work help to impose restraints on our access to the image as a 'moment' and to tempt us over into the embrace of art.

The exhibition includes 35 works: his famous light boxes as well as colour and black-and-white photographs, borrowed from museums and private collections all over the world. The exhibition is the result of a co-operation with Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Kunsthaus Bregenz in Austria, where the exhibition has been shown over the past year.

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