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Alice Folker Gallery

Store Strandstræde 19, 5. tv., 1255 København K

MAIL: gallery@alicefolker.dk

TLF: +45 5360 3350

WEB: alicefolker.dk

Onsdag - fredag 11-17, lørdag 11-14

System and Boundary

Marie Rosenzweig

29.02.2020 - 02.05.2020


Into my arms
you were so warm
have I inherited the habit
of separating myself
crossing light into darkness
the idea of something
you are so warm
come into my arms
A system consists of several interacting or mutually depending components creating a whole. A system is separated from the surroundings with the help of a boundary. A boundary has zero thickness so it does not contain any matter.
The exhibition consists of works that are all of equal dimensions. The dimensions being the rule that separates this group of paintings from others done by the artist. This rule has, however, no significant meaning for the content of the paintings.
Thematically the works draw on reflections of being a daughter who becomes a mother. The purity and fear connected with making life and the difficulties in separating ones past experiences with those of the moment.

Marie Rud Rosenzweig is studying at The Art Academy in Funen and has previously studied at Univärsitet der Künste in Berlin and Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Exhibitions include solo shows Para-, FAA Room, Odense (2018)  and  Untitled // The green exhibition, VÆRK, Copenhagen (2016) and group shows in Denmark and Germany. She lives and works in Copenhagen.

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