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Gallery Poulsen

Staldgade 32, 1699 København V

MAIL: info@gallerypoulsen.com

TLF: +45 4015 5588

WEB: gallerypoulsen.com

Onsdag - fredag 12-17.30, lørdag 12-16

Survival of the Fittest

Nadia Plesner

07.04.2018 - 05.05.2018


What instincts drive us in a modern society where food is store bought, ready-made and wrapped, where we have access to an abundance of material resources and alpha positions are taken in cyberspace? Which tools and strategies do we use to secure our survival in the media reality we move in? What occurs in the space between herd instincts and artificial intelligence? 

In Nadia Plesner’s new solo exhibition Survival of the Fittest, the physical and virtual room converge and invites us into Plesner’s captivating pixilated universe of painting, drawing, sculpture and art installation which in unison refer to survival of the species in the digital food chain of the social media. 

For Survival of the Fittest Plesner created a number of new works in direct dialogue between reality and the digital world. The contrast between the physical work of her artistic craft and the pixilated effect of the photos converted into pearl mosaics of wondrous riches of detail, invites the viewer to experience the work at various distances. Viewed from a distance the images stand sharply. But as we move closer to the surface, the eye no longer read the pearls as pixels that close up are effaced and the pictures become abstract.

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