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Overgaden neden Vandet 17, 1414 København K

MAIL: info@overgaden.org

TLF: +45 3257 7273

WEB: overgaden.org

Mandag - fredag: 13-17, lørdag - søndag: 11-17

Superslick Surfaces - Visual Art and The Digital Contemporary

13.10.2016 - 18.10.2016


Overgaden. Institute for Contemporary Art cordially invites you to join us for this year’s Overgaden LECTURES

For the fourth year in a row Overgaden presents international and Danish theoreticians, artists, curators and mediators at the international conference Overgaden LECTURES. The focus of this year’s conference will be the notion Post-internet art and will revolve around what impact the Internet and social media have had on art. How does art relate to the omni- present, virtual universe of the Internet? And what issues, possibilities and strategies has this digital realm generated? The format of the conference consists of two sessions with a month in between. The first session will act as a “call” and the second session (Friday 18 November) will act as a follow-up “response”.

This year’s Overgaden LECTURES is organised by the German artist and author Andreas Schlaegel. The conference is held in English and is open to everybody.

No registration required.



Thursday 13 October

14.00 Introduction: Andreas Schlaegel (Artist and Author)

14.30 Toke Lykkeberg (Curator and Art Critic)

15.10 Marisa Olson (Artist)

15.50 Boris OndreiÐka

(Curator, Artist, Author and Singer)

16.30 Coffee break

16.50 Aymeric Mansoux

(Artist and Media Researcher)

17.30 Alessandro Ludovico

(Professor, Artist and Editor-in-chief of Neural Magazine)

18.10 Hannah Black (Artist and Author)

19:00-20:00 Panel discussion

Formulation of questions for the next panel

20:00-22:00 Post-Lectures: Time for networking while a light meal will be served

Moderator: Andreas Schlaegel (Artist and Author) 


Friday 18 November

14.00 Introduction and summation of the last panel: Andreas Schlaegel (Artist and Author)

14.30 Milena Hoegsberg

(Senior Curator, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo)

15.10 Tatiana Bazzichelli

(Artistic Director, Disrupt Lab, Berlin)

15.50 Paul Feigelfeld

(Academic Coordinator, Digital Cultures Research Lab, Leuphana University, Lüneburg)

16.30 Coffee break

16.50 Sandra Mujinga (Artist)

17.30 Mohammad Salemy (Curator and Critic)

18.10 TBA

19:00-20:00 Panel discussion Formulation of answers

Moderator: Andreas Schlaegel (Artist and Author)


We reserve the right to make changes in the programme

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