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Christian Andersen

Bispevej 29, 2400 København NV

MAIL: info@christianandersen.net

TLF: +45 2537 4101

WEB: christianandersen.net

Tirsdag - fredag 12-18, Lørdag 12-16

Straight Man's Camp

Tom Humphreys

28.04.2012 - 26.05.2012


Christian Andersen is pleased to present the first gallery exhibition of Tom Humphreys in Denmark. An avowed studio artist, Humphreys records his slight observations and elementary choices through printing, painting and drawing while staring the anachronistic profession s...quarely in the face.

The surrounding world is reconfigured, a Mikita cordless drill illustrates its use with spiralling turns and amplifies an object we never see, a condom is remade as a woodcut, loose foot prints from a job centre recruitment poster find their way to the edge of abstraction. Using a car mirror as a tool to draw a head; artifice, exaggeration, texture, surface and style live without hierarchy. The image and method are equal. To be the windshield wiper of a car or to be the tissue in a deep tissue massage is the same. While at the same time the hurricane and the steam engine are part and parcel of the same basic elements, scale is also a non issue in this constellation. The works remain the same size only the frame grows. Time is also conflated, 4 hours of 2006 and 20 minutes of 2012 share an apartment, estranged yet docked in their new context and freed from their A4 coffins.

As an experimental sous chef explores mango and butter bean combinations, Humphreys' fish sauce still has a pulse. The distance between inspiration and application result in an unlikely brew where it is possible to paint a taste or draw out a smell and a discriminating palette where everything allowed is made visible.

Will Benedict, April 2012

Tom Humphreys (b. 1972 in Essex, lives and works in London) studied at Chelsea College of Art and Winchester School of Art. Recent exhibitions include Pro Choice, Vienna, 2011 (solo) and Caribic Residency, Frankfurt, 2010 (solo) and the group shows Edition non Edition, Galerie Mayer Kainer, Vienna, 2011 and Flat Time Ho (curated by Laure Provost), London, 2010. In June, 2011 Humphreys curated an exhibition at Portikus, Frankfurt am Main that focused on his exhibition space Flaca, (2003-2007) and featured artists from his program. His new artist book will launch at Bokship, London in July 2012.

For images and further information about the exhibition please contact the gallery. The show ends Saturday 26 May. Opening hours Tuesday - Friday 12 noon - 6 pm, Saturday 12 noon - 4 pm.

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