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Inter Arts Center

Bergsgatan 29, 214 22 Malmö

Onsdag–fredag kl. 14–17, lørdag og søndag kl. 11–14

Stella and Florence's Syndrome

Søren Aagaard, Steffen Jørgensen, Anna Margrethe Pedersen, Merete Vyff Slyngborg, Ditte Soria, Peter Birkholm

28.09.2013 -

On Malmö gallerinatt 2013 Saturday 28/9 18-24 we release the video-publication Stella and Florence's Syndrome created by Søren Aagaard, Steffen Jørgensen, Anna Margrethe Pedersen, Merete Vyff Slyngborg og Ditte Boen Soria - the artists behind the Copenhagen exhibition space YEARS.

Stella and Florence's Syndrome has been recorded at Inter Art Center during the exhibition period of Some Objects Are More Equal Than Others, and so it took shape as an intimate, guided tour. While at the same time being a romantic movie the project also challenge the format of the exhibition catalogue and of the publication all together. On this special night the movie Stella and Florence's Syndrome will be presented as an integrate part of the exhibition and released on DVD. The music for the film is composed by artist Peter Birkholm (DK).

The 28th of September is the last day of the exhibition Some Objects Are More Equal Than Others initiated and produced by Woodpecker Projects and curated by Mikkel Carl (DK). In short the show deals with the globalised art world while featuring five artists who are all strangers, not just to the art scene in Malmö, but in fact also to themselves; Leslie Chau (HK), Barry Kanouchek (CA), Huzuni Bahati Kuki (KE), Wolf Insel (DE) and Christian Thoudal (DK).

You are most welcome. And feel free to drop in at any time - the film will be featured a number of times during the evening.

Video teaser: https://vimeo.com/74869848

Inter Art Center, Bergsgatan 29, Malmö
Door code: 2828

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