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Friisgatan 15, 214 30 Malmö

Tuesday - Sunday 13- 17

Standing Floorstuck and Unstrung

Georgina Sleap

10.06.2017 - 24.06.2017


A structure stands glued to the gallery floor.

The structure was made to support a surface.

The surface was made to fill the vision.

The vision was filled to pause the thoughts.

When looking into the full blankness of complete darkness, or the water that rushes onto
your eyes as you swim, some seconds filled by what is immediate and real drop into the
mind. Could a made thing make that alert sensation? How high would it have to be? How
wide? Months ago, an adequate contour was found, hung from the studio ceiling with cardboard and string.

But the sea and sky need no string. What seems like surface is just the closest part of depth.

The surface of the contour is not clumsy cardboard any more, but thin tissue paper. From
behind this taut translucent membrane, 7000 tightly packed circles face the viewer. They
are the ends of 7000 cardboard tubes, threaded together and piled higher than upturned
eyes can peer past. 

The cylinders of held air resonate but their little vibrations should stay quietly contained.
They should: the contingently intricate mechanics of the thin-skinned pile will be tested
in the making.

That thin skin will not be calm, even if it does prove strong. It shows 7000 examples of
what perception can do with a circle. In a sideways glance it becomes an oval that can
narrow to a line. 

Perhaps the eyes will be too busy for the mind to pause. Many months have passed since drawing the sea began the plan to make a huge mind-quietener. That wistful idea was
often forgotten when the nature of materials became obvious and awkward.

The structure has itself gained a nature. It must stand for itself, and obey its own logic.

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