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Galleri CC

Båstadsgatan 4, 214 33 Malmö

Torsdag - fredag: 16-19, lørdag - Søndag: 13-16


Therese Nilsson

03.03.2018 - 18.03.2018


Collecting is a big part of my life. I collect knowingly, not knowingly and constantly. When I’ve collected for long enough I’m left with things piled up. Some situations I save, other ones I opt out, just like I do with things. What is the decisive factor? Something that feels nice in my hand or something that stirs emotions. To freeze time and to remember that which is worth collecting.

Cut off everything which is not really necessary. Save only that which carries the symbolic value. The Porcelain birds are found, created by someone. Their clumsy bodies will never fly, but then again, that was never the point. I’ve saved only their contours. The shape they make when they sunbathe. I use the camera as a filter and the printer becomes my magnifier. And through drawing, I alter memory as I please.

The glares, the spots, the symbols & memories are my materials and by stacking them on top of each other, I induce the very essence of collecting. They become new memories, new objects facing new situations and I allow their stories fly wherever they can.
- Therese Nilsson, artist

Therese Nilsson’s’ art is allowed to take its time. Her method is reminiscent of a refining process, in which her works are passed through different mediums. From photo – to drawing – back to photo again, and so on. Each step leaves marks and traces. These are carefully saved and brought out. As a result of this, another medium is added to her practice; Time. Therese Nilsson’s thoughtfulness is telling, time in itself becomes something visible.
- Johan Wiman, curator

Therese Nilsson (born 1992 in Urshult, Sweden) lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. She got her BA from Umeå Academy of fine arts in 2016. Her practice resolves around a constant collecting of both objects as well as situations - and a successive altering of that which has been collected. Her main mediums are drawing and photography.

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