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Galleri Tom Christoffersen

Skindergade 5, 1159 København K

Tirsdag - lørdag 12-18, søndag 11-16

Shelf Show

Ayşe Erkmen, Barbara Bloom, David Batchelor , Ellen Hyllemose, Eric Bainbridge, Ib Braase, Kristina Bræin, Peter Holm, Richard Bottwin, Russel Maltz, Simon Callery, Thomas Bang, Tilman (Hoepfl), Torgny Wilcke

Kurator: Torgny Wilcke

08.03.2014 - 05.04.2014

Shelf Show (installation view), 2014. Foto: Galleri Tom Kristoffersen.

Shelf Show (installation view), 2014. Foto: Galleri Tom Kristoffersen.

Shelf Show (installation view), 2014. Foto: Galleri Tom Kristoffersen.

Shelf Show (installation view), 2014. Foto: Galleri Tom Kristoffersen.

Shelf Show (installation view), 2014. Foto: Galleri Tom Kristoffersen.

Shelf Show , 2014. Foto: Galleri Tom Kristoffersen.

Shelf Show, 2014. Foto: Galleri Tom Kristoffersen.

Shelf Show, 2014. Foto: Galleri Tom Kristoffersen.


Danish artist Torgny Wilcke has curated the group exhibition Shelf-Show at Galleri Tom Christoffersen, with international and Danish artists. Torgny Wilcke describes the concept as follows:

The focus of the exhibition is to bring works of art together that physically may seem very much alike, but when placed next to one another appears to reflect very different strategies and aims in their presentation and making.

Many of the art works or part of artworks look like a shelf or fulfill the physical definition of a shelf. But the idea and use of shelves are highly different from artist to artist and from the everyday object known as a shelf.

"But if you give them (the viewers) a small experience which is somehow confusing or profound, but in the realm of their own world, then it doesn't have to be translated, it's already there. Because it's not that far away from theirs", American artist Barbara Bloom.


The shelf is a shelf
Although these shelves are not readymades they are very much like the recognizable everyday objects but placed in a setting of art. I.e. Ayse Erkmens shelf or bathroom vitrine may not be recognized as art at first glance, but it is art and with the unfamiliar insisting on repetition, it also makes the viewer aware of order, consumerism and the beauty and light of boring coloured liquid in bottles. My own shelf put focus on the shelf as linear repetition on the wall with reference to concrete painting without being concrete or minimal art. Similarly Simon Callerys soft form could actually work as a vertical shelf system as it associates to a paper organizer or postal pigeonholes.

The shelf as structure is the art object
It has a form similar to a shelf but it is artistic and composed, i.e. Peter Holm's and Richard Bottwin's crooked and pattern painted wall objects, Russell Maltz's stacks of plywood as a physical layered painted action and Eric Bainbridge's cutup of junk simili wood both referring to "De Stijl" and Mondrian painting. Thomas Bang's "Shelf 4" is a structure that creates relations and tension between the two ends of a 2 meter long shelf like piece.

The shelf functions as a shelf
The shelf is used as an integrated part of the artwork functioning as the support for objects like the traditional plinth of the sculpture or shelves for everyday objects. Barbara Bloom's work is a shelf with books on - it is hard to imagine a more straight forward and familiar shelf but as art object it opens up the thoughts of a lot more. Ellen Hyllemose also uses the shelf as an integrated plinth-like thing for her stuffed lycra bags. In order to enhance what is on the shelves and the interplay and resonance in between objects the artists have conceived structures and framing devices for the objects.

The shelf, as frame
In David Batchelor's work the shelf also functions as a support or a regular shelf. But Batchelor's shelf is more a framing part of the composition of stacked sheets of Perspex and his shelf is pushed towards the frame of a painting.

The shelf associates to a shelf or picture
Kristina Bræins work is a shelf with everyday objects and function but when combined with a painted wall area it ends up being picturelike highly open to associations. Tilmans work is not really a shelf but the form and structure still associates to a shelf. Ib Braases bronze sculpture/relief is a picture of the shelves and wall objects in his children's rooms.

- Torgny Wilcke, February 2014

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