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Claesgatan 14 , Malmö

Onsdag - torsdag 14-18, fredag 11-16, lördag - söndag 12-15

Seizing Through a Struggle

Jai Bhim

16.05.2019 -

Jai Bhim: Seizing Through a Struggle
film och samtal av Ram Krishna Ranjan
Torsdag 16 maj kl. 18.30

Jai Bhim: Seizing Through a Struggle
Year: 2017, Running Time: 52min

Jai Bhim: Seizing Through a Struggle is an attempt to foreground Dalit (preferred political self-identification of the people belonging to the lowest rung of, or lying outside, the Hindu caste-system) epistemologies and ontologies. In the film, Ram Saheb is the main protagonist and the narrator. Ram Saheb is an Ambedkarite (a proponent of Ambedkar's ideology) and a Dalit activist. He runs a small book shop in Raebareli, a small town in north India, to make Dalit literature accessible to the public at large. By focusing on his life story, the film aims to present what it means to create a subaltern vocabulary on issues of social and political oppression.

Ram Krishna Ranjan is a practice-based researcher and visual artist. His educational background is in Economics, Media and Cultural Studies and Fine Art. He is currently doing his PhD in artistic research at Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg. Taking the Bengal famine of 1943 as the case study, his PhD research aims to further and experiment with ontologies of expressions that emerge from subaltern/oral history framework and investigate the possibilities and limits of it in films. His longstanding areas of interests are decoloniality, migration, gentrification, memory and nation, and the intersectionality of caste, class, and gender.

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