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OK Corral

Rolighedsvej 9, 1958 Frederiksberg

MAIL: okcorralexhibit@gmail.com

TLF: +45 4162 1987

WEB: okcorral.dk

Onsdag - lørdag kl. 13-17


Susannah Stark, Claire Hooper, Paul Simon Richards, Saskia Olde Wolbers

19.05.2018 -

As the closing event for the group exhibition Rummet OK Corral invites you to screening and drinks.

Rummet is a show that talks about space, about the structure and design of specific places, about the way inside and outside communicate.

The closing screening is an important addition to this exhibition, since it introduces what was missing from the still images: the body.

Susannah Stark, Claire Hooper, Paul Simon Richards and Saskia Olde Wolbers are presenting recent and new videos in which bodies interact with space, disappear or cannot appear and how they can breathe life into places.

These four videos are a mix of animation, live action, social critique, and intimate desires. 
I hope you can join and watch them with us and see the show for the last or the first time.

As Rummet will close with this event, we would love to meet you there for a drink afterwards.

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