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Tagensvej 147, 2400 København

Rum #356

Lone Haugaard Madsen

10.02.2019 - 02.03.2019


For this exhibition Lone Haugaard Madsen has cast a small section of the lawn in front of Kunstscenen and transferred the resulting space-fragment to the open white cube. It is a seemingly simple and direct gesture, where the work's form is determined by the process more than by the artists' hand. But the simplicity of the action is relating to a complexity of questions about what a public art space is and how meaning is produced. The combination of materials act and conceptual questions is characteristic of all of LHM's works. Somehow the questioning is here pushed to the extremes because the art frame is less defined in advance and the line between art and nonart is constantly moving.

But what is the meaning of casting a hole in the ground? To begin with it brings something normally neglected or inconsequential into focus, as something to think about and look at from a new perspective? It is also a way of turning an uneven topographical surface that changes day by day into a kind of monument - a fixation of chance and time? Soil in itself is fundamental for all life and for the atmosphere: as a medium for plant growth, as a container for water, micro-organisms and minerals. At the same time nothing and everything? More pragmatically it is a basis for Kunstscenen's construction, that here - as a negative space - is placed within the architecture, and heaven and earth is turned upside down.

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