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Torsdag - søndag 13–17


Kim Dotty Hachmann

14.10.2012 - 04.11.2012


Everybody has his rituals - both consciously and unconsciously. They provide us with stability, sometimes even with meaning in our everyday lives.

Rituality is a sensitive approach to the experience of having children and becoming one family. Kim Dotty Hachmann's own family acts as the main characters in the 3 videos. The birth is celebrated by the father, the elder brother and the pregnant mother in the form of a natural ceremony. The ritual scenes are based on Kim Dotty's observations of her 3.5 year old son. His ritualistic habits of collecting bricks and other objects that we adults mostly don't even notice especially fascinated Kim. The more she tried to "feel herself into" her son's world the more it reminded her of both the rites of aboriginal people, her everyday life and her own childhood. By employing a loincloth and the typically yellow Romika rubber boots of her childhood she tried to convey this notion through costumes in a setting of three special spots in Berlin.

The "Rituality" space should radiate high energy and liveliness.

director of photography Kontantinos Toubekis

music Jemery Woodruff

actors Neo E. Tom Hachmann, Vito Unai Hachmann, Günter Merkel, Kim Dotty Hachmann

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