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Tagensvej 147, 2400 København

Rio Bravo

Benedikte Bjerre

14.10.2018 - 09.11.2018


B. states that Kunstscenen reminds her of a filmset from the first westerns where they built sets outside and used the bright light from the sun to illuminate an indoor scene. It gives a special feeling of being inside and outside at the same time. She also shows me some chestnut animals placed in groups. Some of them are so close to each other that they are fighting for the same space. Others stand alone or ride their horses as if they are on their way. They are all silent and motionless yet full of life. The figures are not only a collection of things, but small people with feelings and intentions of pride, courage, anger and desperation. Their liveliness comes especially from their attitude and gestures, the way they push the room away, dwell in it, or steer towards a point in the horizon.

On the table between the chestnuts is also todays New York Times with a cover page article about Donald Trump. This conjures thoughts surrounding the idea of the West and the West's self-perception today. B. mentions that Rio Bravo, in addition to being the title of a movie and a river between the United States and Mexico, is also a danish political agreement on childcare from 83’. 

Again, we speak of Kunstscenen itself and the area around it as a borderland between inner Nørrebro's intense festival atmosphere and Bispebjerg's almost nostalgically subdued everyday life. The location of the northwestern railway track makes it one of the city's blind spots. B. Retrieves a book with a text about Westerns written by film researcher Bazin. In 1953 he wrote that Westerns are “the humans confrontation with nature”, and that "the movement to the west is our odyssey".


Kunstscenen is a new outdoor exhibition space by Magnus Thorø Clausen and Kåre Frang, located on an overgrown lot behind Bispebjerg Station in Copenhagen. It is built of a cast concrete floor and two walls making up a corner. We think of it as a white cube, or part of a cube, placed in a natural setting among trees and bushes . Over the next couple of months we will make transient exhibitions that will change in response to the weather conditions, light and shadows and unthinkable chance encounters.

With Kunstscenen we seek to present art in public space in new ways and to new audiences and to think about what a public art space is (or can be). We want to create a space not of absolute control but where things take place in a clash between necessity and chance. The space is open to everyone both day and night. Kunstscenen exists until April 2019.

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