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Gentofte Hovedbibliotek, Ahlmanns Allé 6, 2900 Hellerup

MAIL: cbsp@gentofte.dk

TLF: + 45 3998 5843 / + 45 6010 7619

WEB: tranen.nu

Mandag-fredag 10-19 Lørdag 11-16


Jakob Kudsk Steensen

09.11.2018 - 14.02.2019


RE-ANIMATED is a virtual reality and video installation that investigates relationships between extinction, preservation, and immortality. The installation seamlessly merges the exhibition space of Tranen with a vast digital ecosystem, developed by artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen and a community of experiential developers, including Michael Riesman, Musical Director of The Philip Glass Ensemble.

The installation delves into unpredictable causalities across two centuries that lead to the extinction of the song bird Kauai O'o. In the early 1800s, a ship ferrying horses across the ocean arrived on Kauai, bringing with it avian malaria. 100 years later in the early 1990s, a series of hurricanes sweeping across Kauai's Alakai plateau forced the Kauai O'o to take refuge in the lowlands, where the mosquito roamed. A person's actions in 1800 had untold consequences for entire an species a century later, and the Kauai O'o is now lost.  

Steensen has collected moss, lichens and 3D scanned organic material, and he has worked with the Museum of Natural History archive in NYC to use specimens of the extinct bird and real audio recordings its mating call. He has combined the source material with algorithms, which he has used to develop an entire replication of the island of Kauai and the Alakai Plateau, where the bird once used to live. The digital ecosystem continuously evolves and transforms, changing from something photo-realistic - that  mimics past primal ecosystems of the Alakai swamp - into otherworldly new living entities. The virtual landscape also responds to algorithmic, forever evolving, music by Riesman, as well as the voice and breath of the audience that microphones connect to the digital world.

In the installation, three monitors and three VR headsets are connected to a large metal skeleton that fills the exhibition space. While exploring the installation - which invites the audience to walk in-and out-of virtual reality, around videos, and across a physical landscape composed of computers, dirt, and the metal skeleton - you listen to the ghost-like recordings of the last living Kauai O'o's mating call, singing to a partner that never came. These audio recordings play in the VR space as well, combined with recorded conversations with ornithologist Douglas H. Pratt on his memories of seeing the now-extinct bird.

The work was developed by Jakob Kudsk Steensen over the course of an entire year, with the aim of slowing down, contemplating, and removing himself from a method of producing digital art that often involves short deadlines, quick mashups, and spectacular effects. In RE-ANIMATED, everything is slowed down, and the audience is invited on an journey that explores emotions tied to memories of past natures, and imagined futures.

RE-ANIMATED is made with support from the Danish Arts Council, Bikubenfonden, Harvestworks and Mana Contemporary.

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