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Pushing Jesus

Oana Farcas, Vlad Olariu, Radu Cioca, Maxim Liulca

16.11.2013 - 21.12.2013


Pushing Jesus is the final of a series of shows that take Fabrica de Pensule in Cluj, Romania as its point of departure.

The concept of Pushing Jesus evolves around the particular sensibility that surrounds the community at Fabrica de Pensule; a sensibility that echoes the disruption and void that followed in the wake of the fall of the wall and subsequent introduction of western consumerism.

The new era that followed was characterized by both ambiguity and disbelief. Suddenly, there were no certainty of neither ideas, systems of believe, nor religion, thus only better or worse ways to interpret things. Pushing Jesus refers to the creation of new realities after the 'end of history', the end of all grand meta-narratives, and the rise of the post-modern condition. Artists as well as all other people suddenly had to rethink all they had believed in, hence the title Pushing Jesus.

The exhibition consist of sculptural objects as well as two-dimensional works that aim to depict the world in their own image. Abandoning stead-fast ideals in favour of new ways of interpreting the world. While there is no Cluj school as such, the city has been a breeding ground for artists who have succeeded in asserting both their identity and originality of style. Beyond their different styles and approaches from painting to installation, they all share a common interest or departure in transitions and a highly individualized sense of perception often merged with a dark and ironic stance.

"Their work result from the ebb and flow of an Inner -themselves - and Outer - the world - respecting the balance that preserves the strength and vigor of the author."

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