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Powersysler reloaded

Jonas Georg Christensen, Henriette Heise, Ida Elke Kallehave, Dagmar Krøyer, Marie Melchiorsen, Anne Skole Overgaard

08.02.2014 - 23.02.2014


repetitive movements
dealing with the enjoyment of
doing the elaborate to do what no one requires
you to do what you want to enjoy repeatingly and what
you want is to be part of all the while it is about to take a step
outwards and inwards at the same time...like meditative productivity...
so you are not avoiding producing anything, but what you produce is important
by means of others getting that same feeling of concentration
and obsession - with your common sense switched off
you are no longer, but you are on. You are beyond
the never-ending ability to deliver and add value
You don't know why, but it makes you calm
to do this is not worth it

and this time is yours
and this attention we call sysler,
with the otherwise immensely smooth hairstyle  
of everyday to an elaborate braid before bed, for the hands,
for the thought of an idea of a pattern of occupancy  
...for the sake of concentration...

hmm, do you know what I mean?  

It is those interruptions you insist on, for the
mental rest in the action, for the interaction of body and mind.
And it has something to do with order, maybe just on other terms,
maybe just on your own terms. To do the elaborate to
is about
the ongoing wonders of starting off

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