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Torsdag-fredag 15-18, lørdag 11-15

Pop Songs, Danish Poetry & Bolsonaro!

15.12.2019 -

Bladr is happy to present a Sunday afternoon with a triple book lauch and readings of artists' books by artist Marina Dubia.

Marina Dubia (b. 1992) is an artist and editor who crosses literary experiments with dance, poetry and the body. How does information spread? And how can we use those channels to create new modes of organization and sociability?

Coming from the rich independent publishing scene of São Paulo, she is happy to present the first projects developed and printed in Copenhagen, celebrating one year of education at the Art Academy. In these books you will find an eclectic mixture of conceptual strategies of treatment of the text, poetry, translation and an inquiring mindset.

For the celebration of the three artists’ books invited artists will read selected fragments of the works, plus present some of their own writings. Confirmed so far: Anabela Veloso (PT) and Franziska Hoppe (DK).

A little bit about the artists’ books:

“Fifteen Danish Poets (in portuguese) - a hacked book”
In 1996 José Paulo Paes, brazilian poet and critic, was invited to perform at an international congress in Copenhagen. Fascinated with the hospitality he experienced, he decided, "with the help of some recorded tapes", to translate danish poetry into portuguese. I recreated the bilingual book adding new illustrations and mixing up the layout with Riso's cheerful colors.

“Is democracy just a formal and distant promise?”
Brasil has an unfortunate president, Jair Bolsonaro. Yet outrage - his vocabulary and his tactics - will do little to alter the environment that has raised him to power. Perhaps the citizens must instead look inside, go to some other core of consciousnesses. In this work, Bolsonaro's first speeches were turned into questions, to remediate whatever lack of reflection and insight has allowed fear and aggressivity to take hold.

“to be”
The full lyrics, organized chronologically, of the Top 10 Hit Songs of each year in the United States of America, from 1946 to 2018. Every use of pronouns has been highlighted, creating a landscape of relationships. How does the treatment of females change over the course of time? Can I exist without the reference of a you? Why do we show up so little in the most popular tunes? These and other musings can be surveyed through this sea of information.

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